Black People Are Not All ‘Living in Hell’

Contrary to Donald Trump’s indiscriminate portrayal of African-Americans as “living in hell,” the black upper middle class is ascending the economic ladder at a faster rate than its white counterpart. Scholars have begun to focus their attention on this phenomenon. William Julius Wilson, a sociologist at Harvard and the author of “The Truly Disadvantaged,” is… Read More »

How African-Americans Can Break the Cycle of Inherited Poverty

I became heir to my parent’s financial mismanagement and generational debt. By the time I was conceived, my father and mother had not only transformed molehills of bills into mountains of unpaid accounts, but had managed to pass the same distasteful money management habits to their younger generations. Tragically, like a number of African-American families,… Read More »

African-Americans, Vaccines and a History of Suspicion

A good parent is not sure what to believe. On one side, doctors tell us vaccinations are safe and necessary for our children. They’ve been in existence for hundreds of years, most people get them and they are credited with eradicating diseases and saving lives. On the other side are numerous horror stories involving vaccinated… Read More »