The Racial Politics of Nat Turner Tours

Nate Parker entered his film The Birth of a Nation at this year’s Sundance Film Festival with little publicity and no distribution deal. It emerged having garnered the festival’s Grand Jury Prize, Audience Award, and a deal with Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million—the largest deal in Sundance history. Parker both directed and plays the central… Read More »

Here’s how to fight Trump’s ballot bullies

Then: “The extension of the franchise to black citizens was strongly resisted. Among others, the Ku Klux Klan .?.?. attempted to prevent the 15th Amendment from being enforced by violence and intimidation. Two decisions in 1876 by the Supreme Court narrowed the scope of enforcement under the Enforcement Act and the Force Act, and, together… Read More »

Will Trump Resurrect a Violent South?

As police shootings of blacks continue, as anti-Muslim speech and violence intensifies, and as Donald Trump surfs a wave of Alt-Right bigotry toward the White House, I can’t help flashing back to the Alabama of my childhood, half a century ago. I grew up in a small town during the heyday of George Wallace and… Read More »

Faith communities mobilize to protect vulnerable voters on election day

Longtime Christian social justice movement, Sojourners is leveraging its network of people, partner churches and social justice organizations to witness and confront voter intimidation on Election Day.  Volunteers will help maintain a peaceful voting experience, especially for vulnerable voters who are being targeted. Many volunteers will be well-versed in non-violence training; which could be very… Read More »

African-Americans In GOP Don’t All Think Alike

Despite being relatively rare, African-American Republicans are diverse in their political thinking and reasons for being part of the GOP. Public opinion surveys generally find that about 7 to 10 percent of blacks identify themselves as Republicans. In addition, only 2 percent of Republicans identified themselves as black in a 2012 nationally representative survey done… Read More »

If you get out of jail, you should get to vote

The New York Times provided an urgently needed public service by printing an article which comprehensively informed the American citizens of a voter disenfranchisement practice that systematically goes after felons. Even when they have paid their debt to society, they are still excluded from the most essential rite of citizenship — voting. On Oct. 7… Read More »