A movement, not a moment, is long overdue

The recent killing of Michael Brown, the unarmed Black teenager from Ferguson, Missouri by a White police officer has brought to surface the many challenges and struggles African-Americans face with law enforcement. With so many reports of police brutality recently from what happened in Ferguson, Missouri with Brown to the death of Eric Garner in […]

After Ferguson, Grant Makers Seek Solutions to Racial-Justice Issues

The shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo.—and the police response to the protests that followed—have galvanized philanthropic leaders to explore ways to devote more attention to long-simmering racial-justice issues. Both local and national foundations have been conferring about what needs to be done in the short and long term to tackle […]

Momentum Gaining At Nation’s Oldest HBCU

Wilberforce University, the country’s oldest historically black private university, today announced new leadership for its Board of Trustees. Mark Wilson, CEO of eVerifile, will now lead the Board of Trustees as Chairman of the Board, while John Miller, CEO and president of Denny’s Corporation, becomes vice chairman of the Board. The nomination and appointment of […]

Obama is not the black sheep of the family

Some African Americans can’t stand it when the family’s dirty laundry is aired in public. They can’t stand it when someone of prominence talks about the pervasive hopelessness that leads to alienation that leads to bad choices that leads to crime — black-on-black and otherwise — that leads to decimated families, communities and their collective […]

Inner-City Kids Struggle With A Host Of Health Issues

Children living in the inner city develop food allergies at rates significantly higher than their peers, a recent study suggests. The study, published in the Aug. 13 online edition of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, found that at least 10 percent of inner-city children become allergic to peanuts, eggs, and milk. The study […]

Hillary Clinton Cites Racial Inequities in First Ferguson Comments

Hillary Clinton, in her first public comments on a police officer’s shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., said that policing must be rooted in “trust” and “professionalism” rather than “fear,” and that African-Americans face “inequities” in the nation’s judicial system that whites would never tolerate. As a likely Democratic presidential candidate, Mrs. […]

EPA appeals to minorities for climate rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is appealing to leaders in minority communities, saying they will see some of the biggest benefits from cutting carbon pollution from power plants. EPA head Gina McCarthy promoted her agency’s proposal to cut carbon Tuesday in a conference call with minority leaders. Pollution and climate change uniquely affect minority communities, […]

Katrina at 9 and the self-medicating illusion of progress

This Friday, Aug. 29, represents the ninth anniversary of the Katrina storm and flood, which cost more than $100 billion in property damage and 1,800 lives, 1,600 in Louisiana alone. Since 2005, the city of New Orleans has engaged in efforts to recover, rebuild and reconstruct its infrastructure in addition to its socioeconomic fabric. Each […]