What happened to America’s black farmers?

John Boyd remembers watching a USDA official toss his loan application in the trash. It was the late ’80s, and Boyd, a fourth-generation black farmer from Baskerville, Va., was counting on a $5,000 loan to keep his family farm in business. Boyd was told to come back the next week to re-file his paperwork, but […]

Youth First and Advocates to End Youth Incarceration Welcome Grammy®-Award Winner John Legend to DC as part of #FREE AMERICA Listening Tour

Youth First!, a newly launched national advocacy campaign to end youth incarceration, welcomed Oscar, Golden Globe, and nine-time Grammy® Award winner John Legend to Washington, DC late Friday afternoon, April 24th, for the first stop on his #FREEAMERICA tour to focus on youth incarceration. Youth First’s live tweeting of the event can be seen here: […]

End Stop & Frisk To End Police Brutality

As the statistics continue to display, roughly once a day, there is an African-American in this nation – our homeland – that falls at the hands of police or an “authority figure” under violent circumstances, with the rate of death being over 20 times more than other Americans. This week, it’s Freddie Gray of Baltimore. […]

Attorney general to bid farewell after 6-year tenure

Attorney General Eric Holder bids farewell to the Justice Department after six years as the nation’s top law enforcement official. Holder is set to address employees at an afternoon ceremony. A tribute video with appearances by his wife, President Barack Obama and members of Congress will be shown. In it, Holder describes an “emotional attachment” […]

What made Loretta Lynch’s father see red

It took a long ride through the night to get here. They’d started out in Durham, at 1 a.m., Thursday, driving six hours, all so the Rev. Lorenzo Lynch (83 on Tuesday) could sit in the back row of the visitors’ gallery above the U.S. Senate floor, his dapper yellow straw hat in his lap, […]

19 Historically Black Land-Grant Universities Commemorate 125th Anniversary of 1890 Morrill Act #Celebrate1890s

Today, 1890 land-grant universities will celebrate “1890 Day” by hosting a Wellness Walk to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the universities’ establishment as land-grant institutions by The Second Morrill Act. Funds raised from the walks will support the inaugural Justin Morrill Scholarship Fund for students majoring in food, agricultural, and environmental sciences at the 19  […]