Achieving College Diversity Without Discriminating By Race

The nation’s oldest private university, Harvard, and the country’s first public university, North Carolina at Chapel Hill, were sued Monday for using racial preferences in student admissions. The lawsuits were brought by Students for Fair Admissions, an advocacy group that includes “highly qualified students recently denied admission to both schools.” The plaintiffs in both lawsuits [...]

Rand Paul meets with Al Sharpton on crime issues

Sen. Rand Paul and the Rev. Al Sharpton met for a “candid” breakfast date on Thursday. “We talked about his position on dealing with some criminal justice issues that I am concerned about,” Sharpton said in a statement from the National Action Network, where he serves as president. “We also discussed mandatory sentencing that he [...]

Elderly Black Population to Double by 2050

The nation’s senior-age African-American population will more than double as the entire country’s population grows older. In 2010, there were 3.5 million African Americans 65 years old and older and that number is expected to reach 10.6 million in 2050, Steven Wallace, Ph.D. and associate director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, told [...]

Getting Beyond Ferguson

Recently, the United States Department of Justice announced a groundbreaking undertaking to take on, squarely and directly, one of the most damaging social problems facing the nation. The National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice is designed to make real and rapid progress on the strained and often broken relationship between many communities — [...]

After a Rainstorm of Voter Disenfranchisement in 2014, Congress Must Restore the Voting Rights Act

While pundits continue chattering about the meaning of this month’s election, one debate should finally be put to rest: We need a fully restored Voting Rights Act. When a 5-4 Supreme Court majority gutted key provisions of the Voting Rights Act last year, civil rights leaders warned it would lead to widespread disenfranchisement and Justice [...]

Rep. Butterfield will lead black caucus

U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield of Wilson was elected on Wednesday as the next chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and promised to hold the group of African American lawmakers together as the “conscience of the Congress.” “We have been united in purpose, and we have a very consolidated agenda to address the needs of those [...]

War on Drugs is war on blacks

In 2013, police in Missouri made 19,506 arrests for possession of marijuana. Blacks accounted for 5,766 of those arrests – nearly 30 percent – despite the fact that African Americans constitute 11.7 percent of the state’s population and use cannabis at a similar rate as whites. The racial bias in marijuana arrests is even greater [...]

Voting: A key step to full equality

For those committed to democracy, the most inspiring scene in the last 20 years was the first post-apartheid election in South Africa in April, 1994. Long lines of blacks, who had been subjugated all their lives, wended their way slowly to the polling places. By contrast, the recent midterm election in America indicates that some [...]