Voting is Key to Education Reform

Brian L. Pauling, President, 100 Black Men of America – Education – the answer to many of the problems ailing our country – is getting the least amount of attention from the candidates on the presidential campaign trail. According to a November 2015 Gallup poll, only 4 percent of Americans consider education or education policy… Read More »

Task Force: Flint’s Black Residents Didn’t Receive “Same Degree of Protection From Environmental Hazards” in Water Crisis

Many don’t doubt that race played a major role in the Flint, Michigan water crisis. At least that’s what many Flint residents expressed to the state’s civil rights commission at a public hearing Thursday. The Michigan Civil Rights Commission conducted its first public hearing, investigating the contaminated water crisis that has unfolded over the last… Read More »

Turning Black Lives Matter Protests Into Policy

The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t giving up on street protests, but it’s starting to press its demands within political and policy circles as well. Well-known activist DeRay Mckesson made a bid for mayor of Baltimore last month, and Black Lives Matter played a key role in other elections — namely, helping to unseat prosecutors… Read More »

Doubting Black Voters

If it’s presidential-primary time it’s a given a significant part of the political discourse will involve dissing Black voters. Sometimes this gambit takes the form of citing Blacks’ reliable massive support for the Democratic Party as proof they don’t “understand” the issues at stake and who their real political “friends” are. Or, it takes the… Read More »