Study puts high price on FSU-FAMU split

Splitting the engineering school shared by Florida State University and Florida A&M University into two separate programs could cost $1 billion and draw legal challenges on civil rights grounds, according to a new study on the issue. But the report, from the California-based Collaborative Braintrust Consulting Firm, also says that changes are needed at the […]

Race, Morality, and Law: The Lingering Effects of the War on Drugs

Driven by the drug war, the marijuana issue is continually debated in local, state, and federal jurisdictions about its illegality and wide-spread impact on the wider society as a whole. It has been a long-standing topic of intense debate involving those in the legal community, medical professionals, police departments, district attorneys, as well as community […]

Poor communities lose billions to predatory lenders

Predatory lenders continue to target poor, Black and Latino communities, siphoning off $103 billion in fees and interests every year, and the rest of us are paying for it, according to a recent report by United for a Fair Economy. “This is more money lost in poor communities than the United States spends on domestic […]

Scalise to meet with black leaders over speech controversy

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise will meet with the head of the National Urban League in the wake of a revelation that the Louisiana Republican spoke to a white supremacist group in 2002. Marc Morial, a former Democratic New Orleans mayor, publicly questioned this month whether Scalise should remain in GOP leadership. Now Morial will […]

Media Diversity and Political Realities

The great hue and cry about the lack of Oscar nominations for the movie “Selma” (photo) has once again brought to life the lack of media diversity. Lack of media diversity has somehow come to be associated with the awards that a movie may receive. The lack of media diversity is about much more than […]

The Striking Decline in African-American Household Mobility

As we’ve learned since the most recent economic crisis, the inability of Americans to pick up and move for new jobs or new housing often comes hand in hand with an inability to climb up the socio-economic ladder. Now new research finds that even before the recession, black households in the U.S. experienced a stark […]

Are millennials tolerant racists?

Millennials are considered the most diverse, tolerant and racially progressive generation in U.S. history. “The younger generation is more racially tolerant than their elders,” the Pew Research Center declared in a 2010 report based on analysis of more than two decades of data. Commenting on the report, The Chicago Tribune’s Ted Gregory went one step […]