Clinton Vs. Trump: Black Swans And Perfect Storms

Supporters of Hillary Clinton have long feared the “Black Swan” — that cataclysmic event which gives Donald Trump more than a puncher’s chance to knock her out. But more discerning worriers conjure a perfect storm of circumstances which, coalescing at just the wrong time, dismantle her edge in the electoral college. Two weeks ago the… Read More »

Black in Blue: Atlanta’s first African American police officers were vanguards of the civil rights movement

By the mid-1900s, the Butler Street YMCA had earned the nickname “black city hall.” Situated in Sweet Auburn, then Atlanta’s most vibrant and commercially successful black neighborhood, the Y functioned not just as a gym and rooming house but as a favored meeting place for political discussions among the city’s black leaders and as the… Read More »

Black-owned media wonder, Where are the campaign ads?

In an election year in which presidential candidates and supporting political action committees could spend upward of $2 billion on political advertising, local African American-owned media outlets across the country say they’re getting few ad buys. It’s a long-standing complaint from African-American-owned newspapers, radio and television stations and black elected officials that’s gotten louder each… Read More »

The Black Vote: History Demands a Strategy for Change

The choice black voters face between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton leaves much to be desired. Trump’s recent overtures to African Americans have raised, once again, questions about the relationship between black voters and the Democratic Party. “No group in America,” Trump mused during a speech before a nearly all-white audience in Dimondale, Mich., “has… Read More »