Protecting Right to Vote Remains Critical

For the last 50 years, the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 has banned racial discrimination in voting practices by the federal government as well as by state and local governments. It was after a century of deliberate and violent denial of the vote to African- Americans in the South and Latinos in the Southwest […]

TSA Agrees To Stop Racially Profiling Black Women’s Hair

After official complaints from two black women who said they were racially profiled by their “sisterlocks” hair styles, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) on Thursday agreed to stop singling out women for screening based on the style, and says it will conduct anti-discrimination training sessions for its agents, reports Reuters. Last year, Sacramento-based neuroscientist Malaika […]

U.S. criminal justice system needs urgent reform

I know from firsthand experience that the “criminal justice system” today in the United States is in serious and urgent need of reform, repair and restructuring. Millions of families have been devastated by the “overcriminalization” of people in America. Black American families in particular have suffered and continue to suffer disproportionately as a result of […]

African Americans have all the leaders we need, and are developing more

Barack Obama, nationally and internationally, and Keith Ellison, locally, nationally and internationally are quintessential “Black” leaders – Black leaders who have not forgotten where they came from. Black leaders who rely on the heritage of hundreds of thousands of Black folks that literally gave their lives, so that they would have the opportunity to lead […]

All-black towns across America: Life was hard but full of promise

A few years after the Civil War ended, promoters determined to establish an all-black town on the Kansas frontier took out an ad in a Kentucky bulletin promising membership in “The Largest Colored Colony in America” for a small down payment: “All Colored People that want to go to Kansas, on September 5th, 1877, Can […]

Why Using the N-Word Will Bring Fox’s Empire to Ruin

Yasmeen Muqtasid Fox’s new hit series, Empire, broke records and rules during its 10-week introduction to the new world.  Empire revealed a new viewership that shatters all myths that people won’t tune in to see a majority Black cast with its winning ratings and non-stop social media chatter. The Empire has already conquered a viewership […]

Justice Clarence Thomas dissents from a voting rights ‘victory’ in Alabama

Civil rights groups cheered a decision this week in which the Supreme Court revived a lawsuit by the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus challenging the apportionment of the two houses of the Alabama Legislature. The Black Caucus argued that the Republican-controlled Legislature “packed” more black voters into some districts than was necessary to ensure that African […]