Black Republican actress’ racist remarks hurt GOP

Fox News contributor and Republican as of 2012, black actress Stacey Dash proves she really wasn’t acting in the movie “Clueless.” Appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity” show, Dash called all black people in Louisiana government freeloaders who don’t work. Sean Hannity asked Dash: “Has voting with Obama 95% of the time and Obamacare, has that [...]

Time For Hip-Hop Artists to Stand For Black Community

In the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., members of the Black community and independent artists continue to call on mainstream rappers and entertainers to use their visibility to speak out against police brutality affecting young, Black males. Jasiri X, an internationally-known rapper, six-time Pittsburgh Hip-Hop [...]

Voting advocates fear impact of Va. voter ID law

Voting rights groups are worried that Virginia’s new voter ID law, which will require people to show a photo ID to vote, will disenfranchise some in next month’s midterm elections. “There are so many cases where voters who have every right to vote potentially can be turned away,” said Anne Sterling, president of the League [...]

Minority conflict over net neutrality goes to root of tech divide

Organizations such as the NAACP and National Urban League, in addition to various Hispanic advocacy groups, are under fire for failing to advocate stricter regulation of Internet service providers, i.e., net neutrality. Progressive groups, Internet companies and startups are pushing the Federal Communications Commission to regulate ISPs under Title II of the Communications Act of [...]

McConnell makes pitch to Kentucky’s black voters

As the latest Bluegrass Poll poll shows, the Kentucky Senate race remains tight between GOP leader Mitch McConnell and Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and the campaigns are battling for every last vote in the home stretch. McConnell goes on the radio Tuesday in an ad targeting African-American voters following a negative ad aired on Louisville-area [...]

Obama Targets Black Vote in Limited Foray Into Campaign

President Barack Obama’s push to help fellow Democrats in midterm congressional elections leans on motivating black voters, a core constituency that continues to support him even as his national approval ratings drop. At campaign rallies over the weekend and when casting his early ballot yesterday in his home neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, [...]

The Ugly History Of Voter Suppression

In two weeks, the nation will express its political will in the midterm elections of 2014. Unfortunately, this election cycle, similar to previous ones in American history, features discourse related to African American voter suppression. Dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, such devices as “Grandfather Clauses,” literacy tests, poll taxes and [...]

Black Vote is Up for Grabs

I had separate conversations with two governors last week. Both were White, one was a Democrat and one was a Republican. We were discussing next month’s elections and what they each thought would happen. The amazing thing was their respective views on the Black community. Democrats have convinced the Black community that they care about [...]

Wall Street lacks diversity

Wall Street may lead America in financial rewards, but it is a laggard when it comes to diversity. The lack of diversity among its CEOs and managing partners is notorious. Now a survey by Vettery, a recruiting firm, reports that the Street fails the test among its first year hires as well. It isn’t only [...]