Black Muslims Face Double Jeopardy, Anxiety In The Heartland

Black parents across America have long instructed their children on navigating discrimination and avoiding its sometimes deadly consequences. But for black immigrant Muslims, this conversation takes on an entirely different dimension. Growing up, Ahlaam Ibraahim, a Somali-American student at the University of Washington, felt the dual struggles of being a religious and ethnic minority. “As… Read More »

Why Blacks Don’t Trust Doctors

Medical diseases are becoming more complex, research is getting better, and people are living longer. There has never been a time where patients need to trust their doctors more. The general public’s trust in the U.S. medical profession has continuously dropped, sharply, over the last 50 years. In 1966, 73% of Americans said they had… Read More »

Trump to order more effort to help black colleges

President Trump is expected to provide historically black colleges and universities a long-awaited boost as he looks to outdo his predecessors – including the nation’s first African-American president – on the issue. Trump will sign an executive order as soon as Monday, when the schools’ presidents arrive in Washington for a visit. It’s expected to… Read More »

Tackling the Racial Wealth Gap

My first taste of Virginia politics was being inspired to knock doors as a teenager to help the former capital of the Confederacy elect its first Black governor. But as powerfully as that moment pointed toward racial progress, I was acutely aware that the election of any one individual could not by itself undo the… Read More »

Black Churches Matter: Research Ties Attendance to Positive Outcomes

One can see the power of faith in black lives in places like Cleveland, where African American churches have remained—sometimes two or three to a block—even as the middle class and many businesses and predominantly white congregations moved away. Now science is providing greater insight. Several new studies build on past research to continue revealing… Read More »

How Trump can bridge the racial divide

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump honored Black History Month by visiting the newly-minted National Museum of African American History and Culture. Amid the fanfare and praise that Trump’s visit was “a step in the right direction,” one question still remains: Is he serious about fixing the racial divide in this country? With a rise in… Read More »

Black community should embrace economic power

In celebration of Black History Month, OneUnited Bank, the largest black-owned bank in the United States, announced its partnership with Black Lives Matter to encourage African Americans who have a checking or savings account or both to transfer some, or all of their money from traditional banks to Black-owned banks. The partnership also launched the… Read More »