September 25, 2019

Knowing What is Expected from an Acute Care Nursing Assistant

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A nursing assistant that offers an acute care assists medical staff members within different hospital sections and offer basic help to patients with their everyday activities. This certified nursing assistant finished a certified program for becoming a CNA. She was trained in some techniques like intermittent catheterization, skin care, tube feeding, special handling of people who have special needs, infection prevention and specimen collection. Her course helped him have an understanding of why medical experts perform particular procedures, how to become a better nursing assistant and how the body works.

Medical Role of an Acute Care Nursing Assistant

The duties performed by a nursing assistant offering acute care are under the supervision of an authorized nursing staff. Such duties include getting and recording the vital signs of patients such as blood pressure, temperature and respiration levels. Acute care nursing assistants also perform glucometer tests and insert urinary catheters in a sterile manner. Each of these nursing assistants monitors the mental, physical and emotional state of patients she is taking care of. Once she observes a change in her patient’s condition, she reports the change to a medical staff.

Direct Duties for Patients

Acute care nursing assistants assist their patients with their everyday activities. These duties include making patient beds, answering call lights/bells of patients and passing on messages. Additionally, they assist patients with bathing, dressing and eating as well as giving them assistance with their personal hygiene activities such as hair and skin care.

Departmental Responsibility

Acute care nursing assistants are employed across departments in different hospital environments in order to help in caring for patients. These departments include emergency rooms, outpatient surgical units, medical units and orthopedics. CNAs are patient care technicians who can work in various environments that include long-term care facilities and nursing homes.

Required Education to Become an Acute Care Nursing Assistant

Training for this kind of profession can be completed through a submission of one’s self to a background check in a number of U.S. states. Those with criminal convictions for neglect or abuse will be disqualified from their nursing assistant programs. The state certifies training programs for nursing assistants for meeting examining boards and state government standards. For instance, certified nursing assistant candidates in Michigan should complete a training program of 94 hours.

The program can be taken in a part time or full time basis through technical and community colleges. CNA training programs are available online that provides more convenience as they eliminate the need to take the course in a classroom. This allows a student to study at the comfort of her own home. Usually, CNA courses that have long durations are content oriented. Nearly all certified nursing assistants needed to study balanced nutrition, physiology and anatomy. Of course, one of the core lessons is patient care.

The jobs of acute care nursing assistants are quite rewarding in some aspects. These professionals look after sick and recovering patients. Helping other people and taking care of their needs is something praiseworthy and noble.