September 11, 2019

Home Remedies to Prevent Gas, Acidity and Bloating

By admin

Gas and Acidity has become a common problem amongst people of all age groups. A burning sensation occurs in the abdomen which is very irritating. This is mainly due to bad food habits of people. People often tend to have fried and oily food during evenings after their cialis générique job or school. This in turn causes gas and acidity. Excess sugars, starchy food and vegetables like cabbage produce gas and bloating.

In Bloating, stomach tends to expand due to excessive gas filled up in the stomach. The common symptoms are Excessive passing of Gas or Flatulence, Frequent burping, Stomach feels tight and Discomfort in the chest area.

If you are suffering from Gas, Acidity or Bloating, here are some measures you need to take:

Reduce the intake of sugary food- The indigestion of high sugary food leads to gas and acidity. The lactose present in milk, Sorbitol found in low calorie food items and fructose found in most common candies and drinks are few of the high sugary poorly digested foods.

Avoid Starchy foods- it is a fact that Starch is a common source of gas accumulation in the intestine. If you are suffering from gas, Acidity and Bloating you need to avoid the intake of foods like Potatoes, Oats, Wheat, Rice and corn.

Whole Wheat products to be avoided- Whole grain wheat products contain complex carbohydrates which takes high effort and time to digest. These foods may be substituted by refined flour products.

Cabbage to be avoided- As you know that cabbage is a food rich in Starch, it reaches the colon, the bacteria react to it and produce gas.

Take Fruits and Vegetables in easily digestible form- Don’tintake whole fruits and vegetables in excess. Consume them moderately in boiled or cooked form. Fruits contain fibres which are hard to digest. So take them moderately.

Few are the home remedies you can take to get rid of gas, acidity and bloating:

Lie down with your back on bed and face towards ceiling and put up your legs at a 90’ degree angle. It will help to take out excess gas from stomach.

Using Turmeric in cooking food will provide relief. Also, you may take it in organic form.

Take Clove Tea- Add clove to boiling water and let it stand for 10 minutes before you prepare tea with that water. This tea will act as an anti-flatulent.

Have ginger- It helps in digestion and soothes acidity in stomach.

Consumption of Peppermint provides relief from gas and bloating.

Adding bit of a lemon juice in tea help to take out the extra gas accumulated in stomach.

Fennel seeds are a miracle remedy for excessive gas. When you chew fennel seeds, the juice from them reaches the stomach and acts on the gas directly. You may also viagra générique use the seeds after crushing them and pouring boiling water over them.

So, if you are suffering from gas, acidity or bloating you need to improve upon your physical activities to have a healthier digestive system. Remember to take a walk after consuming food. But most importantly, you don’t have to immediately start walking after consuming food. Give a halt of 20-30 minutes before you go for a walk. The reason is when we consume food; our digestive system secretes digestive juices which help us in digestion. You have to give sometime for these juices to act on food. Also, do not consume water during or immediately after your meal. It will dilute the digestive juices resulting in indigestion. You can consume water after 45 minutes after your meal or atleast 30 minutes prior to your meal. Have a healthy life.