September 11, 2019

Getting pregnant tips

By admin

Couples sometimes have a hard time conceiving a child even if there is nothing physically wrong with both of them. But before you panic and assume that there is something wrong with you and/or your partner, here are some getting pregnant tips for you to remember.

Stop using all sorts of contraception at once. It should go without saying that condoms, the birth control pill, spermicides, and the like are all counterproductive to a woman getting pregnant. The woman must monitor her ovulation cycle. There are certain times of the month when a woman is more fertile than others, and an ovulation watch kit will help her keep track of when these days are. Try to have sex at least three times a week right before she starts ovulating, not after.

Another thing that all getting pregnant tips will tell you is to stop smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeinated drinks, and doing drugs. Doing these things habitually before getting pregnant will lessen your chances of conceiving, and doing these things while you are pregnant may lead to miscarriages, stillbirths, premature, or low weight babies. If you are a massive coffee drinker and can’t give it up, limit yourself to a maximum of one cup of coffee a day.

When you’ve only first started trying to get pregnant, have a check up with your doctor to make sure that your body is in the right state. Underweight or overweight women will have a harder time trying to conceive a child compared to women who are in between 20 to 30 in body mass index (BMI).  Get yourself in between this measure and you will have an easier time conceiving.

If the man is used to wearing briefs, he should switch to boxers. This allows for a freer flow of the sperm leading to a healthier sperm count.

Take the proper vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is a synthetic folate, a B vitamin that helps reduce the risk of miscarriages, and gives you the right nutrients you need to create a welcoming environment in your uterus. Increase your consumption of fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Try certain sexual positions that are said to encourage conception. Some doctors say that the best position for getting pregnant is the missionary position (the man on top). And while a lot of other professionals disagree, there’s no harm in trying. It is also encouraged that the woman props up her hips after sex to ensure that the sperm will get to the uterus successfully.

What you don’t usually see in most getting pregnant tips is to check your state of mind. Depressed women will have a harder time getting pregnant because of the manifestations of depression on her body. If you see signs of depression, seek professional help first.

Enjoy yourself and relax. Trying to have kids is not an easy task, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy yourself while you’re at it. A relaxed body is also more conducive to conceiving rather than a stressed out one. Be patient. It takes different couples different periods of time to get pregnant.

If you have done all these tips and have still been unsuccessful, check with your obstetrician after a year of trying.