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Child Poverty Remains at Record High Levels

21.8 Percent of Children Poor – including over one-third of Black and Hispanic Children U.S. Census Bureau data released today reveals 46.5 million poor people in America in 2012, including 16.1 million children, essentially unchanged from 2011. Children remain the poorest age group in the country with a poverty rate 21 percent higher than before… Read More »

‘Crack baby’ study finds poverty is worse for child development than exposure to drug in womb

Perhaps the hysteria over “crack babies” was misplaced. Babies whose mothers smoked crack cocaine while pregnant do not face the kinds of health risks that many scientists initially feared, a new study has concluded. In 1989, Hallam Hurt, who was then the chair of neonatology at Philadelphia’s Albert Einstein Medical Center, began to study the… Read More »

Social Security Keeps Many African-American Retirees from Poverty

Although many Americans are living longer, a new public policy analysis reveals that a disproportionate number of older people are also living in poverty – particularly if they are a person of color. According to the AARP Public Policy Institute, Social Security keeps about 30 percent of older African Americans and Hispanics from retirement poverty.… Read More »