Much to Researchers’ Surprise, Black Millennials Are the Most Optimistic About Their Futures

Even in the face of race-based oppression, Black millennials are keeping their heads to the sky. In fact, Black young adults are the most optimistic about their future in America when compared to Latino, Asian and white millennials, a new study revealed. A collaborative research project conducted by the University of Texas and Latino advertising… Read More »

On 52nd Anniversary of Selma to Montgomery March NAACP “Democracy Letter” to all 50 Governors and Attorney Generals on the Rising Scourge of Voter Suppression

The NAACP released the following statement regarding its letter sent to state officials around the nation regarding the issue of voter suppression. On the 52nd anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery march, the NAACP is sending a letter to all Governors, Attorneys General and Secretaries of State across the nation regarding what it sees as… Read More »

Question of our age: Blacks’ humanity

We are still debating the basic humanity of black people and other minority groups. That’s at the heart of the unrest we’ve seen in places such as Middlebury College, where a professor was attacked by protesters for the sin of having participated in a public discussion with controversial figure Charles Murray, a man who has… Read More »

How to Con Black Law Students: A Case Study

This month, Bethune-Cookman, a historically black university in Daytona Beach, Fla., announced an “affiliation” deal with Arizona Summit Law School, a for-profit institution in Phoenix. A joint scholarship program will send Bethune-Cookman students and students from other historically black colleges to the law school. Other programs, including intensive LSAT prep classes, have been announced as… Read More »

Study: Blacks comprise majority of defendants who are wrongfully convicted

African Americans comprise the majority of defendants wrongfully convicted of murder, sexual assault and drug crimes who are later exonerated, according to a study released by the National Registry of Wrongful Convictions. The report titled “Race and Wrongful Convictions in the United States” reported that African Americans constituted 47 percent of the 1,900 exonerations listed… Read More »