Power In Black Politics: The Relevancy Of Malcolm X’s ‘Ballot Or The Bullet’ Speech Today

Breaking away from the apolitical tenets of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X defiantly introduced a comprehensive vision for Black American liberation and unity in his 1964 “Ballot or the Bullet” speech. The impetus for the passionate and fearless leader’s famous address was the 1964 presidential election, when Democratic President Lyndon Johnson was up for… Read More »

Another Battle in the War for Voting Rights

When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a crucial provision of the Voting Rights Act four years ago it was a heavy blow in a long war over voting rights. Now, even a hard fought victory for the NAACP in North Carolina is merely a preview for tougher voting rights battles ahead. On Monday, the… Read More »

Black business matters: Why black America needs more investment

The largest depressant on American growth is the credit crunch for African-American households and businesses. As co-founder of the 14th National Black Business Month with Frederick E. Jordan Sr., I annually assess the state of black business each May. Since the 2008 recession, business lending to African-American businesses has fallen 75 percent. Although small businesses… Read More »

Black politician ‘threatened with lynching’ after calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment

Donald Trump supporters reportedly threatened to “lynch” an African-American politician who called for the US President to be impeached. Democrat representative Al Green said he had been menaced with threatening phone calls after he took to the House floor to accuse Mr Trump of “obstruction of justice”. He reportedly played a number of voicemails that… Read More »