Voter Suppression Still Hiding Out in Rural Areas

While the new administration continues to focus on unsubstantiated claims of vote fraud, across the country, communities continue to wrestle with the real and significant impact of voter suppression and voting discrimination. Some of the most egregious forms of voter suppression often play out in rural and isolated communities that are not under the national… Read More »

The Fight For Civil Rights Is Far From Over

On a glorious afternoon in August 1963, after the massive March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom wrapped up on the national mall, President John F. Kennedy, prodded by Attorney General Robert Kennedy, welcomed John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., Bayard Rustin, and other march organizers to the White House for a discussion of proposed… Read More »

Can Trumpism Last Without Minority Voters?

Compared with the ongoing firestorm over Russia and impending showdown over health care, President Trump’s meeting with Congressional Black Caucus leaders Wednesday might seem peripheral to a presidency careening through constant turmoil. But the session, which aired but didn’t resolve differences about the federal budget and other domestic issues, captured a critical test of his… Read More »

The Truth About Paul Ryan’s Unemployment Legislation

After the Senate passed House Joint Resolution 42, which provides states with much more freedom in drug testing people who apply for unemployment benefits, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, was so excited to sign legislation attacking the impoverished that he felt compelled to capture the moment in a perfectly manicured tweet. The bill will… Read More »