Why Los Angeles is still a segregated city after all these years

Every metropolitan area in the nation is racially segregated, and Los Angeles is no exception. We tolerate residential segregation because we’re convinced that it happened informally — because of personal choices and private discrimination. But what cemented our separate neighborhoods is something most of us have forgotten — government’s unconstitutional and systematic insistence on segregated… Read More »

To be poor and black in America is to be invisible

Since the beginning of his campaign in 2016, President Trump has prided himself in leading the vanguard for the Americans who have gone unheard in the United States. His campaign popularized and stylized the idea of low-income white Americans as the biggest victims of oppression in the United States; however, there are marginalized groups that… Read More »

In cities that vote blue, no immunity from racism

As she has watched white leftists engage in street battles with white nationalists on Portland’s waterfront, Debi Smith has been struck with a sense of gratitude for those willing to fight, in a sense, for her. But for the life-long Pacific Northwest resident, who is African-American, her thankfulness comes with a caveat grounded in personal… Read More »