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How Memphis gave us ‘Main Street of Black America’

Geography gave birth to the city of Memphis, a city perched on a bluff above the mighty Mississippi River. And geography turned Memphis into a bustling center of Southern slavery before the Civil War and a hotbed of tensions afterward. But it’s the people who transformed Memphis in something something more: the birthplace of the… Read More »

Nashville Police Chief Defends Protesters In Response To Citizen’s Criticism

Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson is receiving praise for his recently published response to an email received by a citizen. The anonymous dissenter contacted the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department to complain that the department was putting itself “at disharmony” with community by supporting Ferguson protesters. Nashville police have been amicable towards its city’s demonstrators. Shaking… Read More »

‘State of Black Memphis’ Forum Urges Action

Each year, the Urban League releases a national report that puts the “state of Black America” in the form of statistics on health care, education, economic power and similar factors. This year, the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals used the report’s release to start a discussion billed as the “state of Black Memphis.” It was… Read More »

GAO Study Finds Voter ID Laws Reduced Turnout in Tennessee, Kansas

Turnout among African-American and younger voters suffers when states require photo identification at the polls, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office said Wednesday, publishing a study of voting in two states as the Supreme Court weighs whether Wisconsin can implement new ID requirements in next month’s elections. The issue has broken along sharply partisan lines. Republicans… Read More »