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Racial bias alleged in N. Carolina county’s election method

A national civil rights organization sued Monday on behalf of black voters in a rural North Carolina county, alleging how local officials are elected constitutes racial discrimination. The federal lawsuit, one of many filed recently by North Carolina black voters or their allies alleging Voting Rights Act violations, seeks to eliminate the method by which… Read More »

Will barriers to black voting tip the critical battleground state of North Carolina?

North Carolina remains one of the most critical battleground states in the country in 2016. Right now, projects the vote margin between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is a razor-thin 0.1 percent — about 6,800 voters, or three voters per North Carolina precinct. Besides the down-to-the-wire presidential contest, North Carolina also has toss-up races… Read More »

North Carolina Republicans conspired to limit early voting to keep African-Americans from the polls

A new report has revealed that North Carolina Republicans conspired to limit the operating hours of early voting polling places, in the hopes it would limit minority turnout. Emails uncovered by Reuters through a public records request revealed that local Republican leaders lobbied at least 17 county election boards to limit the hours that voting… Read More »

Are Black Voters in North Carolina Suppressed or Depressed?

It’s been a full week since early voting began in North Carolina. The state has been in the spotlight throughout the campaign season for its massive Moral Monday demonstrations and controversial anti-LGBTQ bathroom bills. It’s also notorious for passing an extremely restrictive voter ID law and gerrymandering its districts to create apartheid-like voting conditions .… Read More »