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Smoking Marijuana While Black

New York City was scaling back its stop-and-frisk program even before a federal judge ruled in 2013 that the tactics underlying it violated the constitutional rights of minority citizens. It’s hard not to look at marijuana arrests today without thinking of that saga. Although the city has reduced the number of arrests for low-level marijuana… Read More »

Move to rename Harlem sparks outrage over erasing black history

New York City real estate companies’ attempts to rename a Harlem neighborhood “SoHa” have enraged long-time residents of the historically black enclave, who say the move erases the community’s rich cultural history. The neighborhood served as home and inspiration to generations of leading African Americans, including activists W.E.B. Du Bois and Malcolm X, who dubbed… Read More »

African American Family’s Home Burned In Suspected Hate Crime

Seven members of an African American family in upstate New York are lucky to be alive after what police say was a racially motivated arson on Mother’s Day. “It’s very disturbing,” Schodack Police Chief Joseph Belardo told HuffPost. “We’re throwing every resource we have into investigating this, and when we find the person responsible, they… Read More »

Well-known NY butcher accused of handing black delivery driver a noose

A well-known butcher in the West Village is being investigated by cops for allegedly handing a noose to an African-American delivery driver and saying “Here’s your present.” Joe Ottomanelli, of The Ottomanelli Bros. Butcher Shoppe, has been accused of giving the noose made from yellow rope to driver Victor Sheppard, according to police sources. Sheppard,… Read More »

The problem with voting rights in New York

It’s a truism of modern politics that Republicans have placed voting rights under assault in the states they control. Ever since the G.O.P. landslides in the midterm elections of 2010, Republicans have worked to restrict the right to vote in a variety of ways—by cutting back on opportunities for early voting, making absentee voting more… Read More »