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MS black caucus: White rep should resign over lynch comment

Black lawmakers in Mississippi are demanding the resignation of a white colleague who said Louisiana leaders should be lynched for removing Confederate monuments. Republican Rep. Karl Oliver of Winona apologized on Monday for referring to lynching in a Facebook post Saturday. Oliver also removed the post from Facebook, about the time he apologized. On Tuesday,… Read More »

Mississippi lawmaker apologizes for calling for lynching

A Mississippi lawmaker has apologized for saying Louisiana leaders should be lynched for removing Confederate monuments, only after his comment sparked broad condemnation in both states. “The destruction of these monuments, erected in the loving memory of our family and fellow Southern Americans, is both heinous and horrific,” Republican state Rep. Karl Oliver of Winona… Read More »

Study: Mostly African American Inmates Serve Life Sentences in Mississippi

A new study from the Sentencing Project found that inmates serving life or virtual life (50-plus years) sentences in the United States are predominantly and disproportionately African Americans. Mississippi’s prison system is no exception. #More than 72 percent of the 2,413 Mississippi inmates serving life sentences are African American, the study shows. Two-thirds of inmates… Read More »

Black people in a Mississippi county are ‘under a permanent state of siege,’ according to an ACLU lawsuit

It was 7 a.m. last June when six sheriff’s deputies stormed into the Manning family home in Canton, Miss., according to a new lawsuit. They demanded that the Mannings sign witness statements for a crime in their neighborhood they claimed not to have seen. When Khadafy Manning, 35, refused, deputies allegedly handcuffed, choked and beat… Read More »

It’s Time to Start Talking About Equity in MS Education

Legislative Republicans gave themselves pats on the back this session for funding the School Recognition Program, which rewards teachers primarily in “A” and “B” schools around the state with salary supplements. The program totals more than $20 million in funds from the Mississippi Department of Education’s budget. #The program caused an outcry among lawmakers in… Read More »

Court Won’t Revive Suit Over Confederate-Themed State Flag

A federal appeals court has blocked an African-American attorney’s effort to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the Mississippi state flag. He says he’ll take the case to the Supreme Court. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Friday that it would not revive a lawsuit rejected by a lower court. Carlos Moore filed… Read More »

NAACP: Noose Put Around Neck of Black Student in MS

The president of the Mississippi NAACP is demanding a federal hate crime investigation after the parents of a black high school student said as many as four white students put a noose around their son’s neck at school. “No child should be walking down the hall or in a locker room and be accosted with… Read More »