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Ownership of medical-pot companies, problem policing highlighted by lawmakers

The president of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus said Thursday that the group is committed to introducing emergency legislation to pause the state’s medical marijuana program until questions surrounding racial disparities in the awarding of growing licenses are resolved. “This is an urgent issue,” said Del. Cheryl D. Glenn (D-Baltimore), who is president of the… Read More »

DOJ report on Baltimore echoes centuries-old limits on African-American freedom in the Charm City

African-American rights in Baltimore have always been in jeopardy. The recently released report from the Department of Justice on the Baltimore Police Department is sobering, but not surprising. As a scholar of early African-American history in Maryland, I see similarities between laws regarding enslaved and free blacks living in Baltimore prior to the Civil War,… Read More »

Baltimore promises police reforms after blistering federal report

For John Locke, the 17th-century political philosopher whose ideas helped found America, the problem with anarchy is the “want of a common judge”. In the pre-political “state of nature”, where a disinterested third party is nowhere to be found, simple conflicts between individuals can quickly turn bloody—or even deadly. But in political society, Locke wrote,… Read More »