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Legislative black caucus says Confederate monument vote exposes “deep-rooted belief in white supremacy”

Debate over a bill that protects Confederate monuments has scratched open a raw nerve for many Louisiana lawmakers. House Bill 71, which would make it more difficult to remove Confederate statues, has exposed “a deep-rooted belief in white supremacy” among many members, said state Rep. Joseph Bouie, the New Orleans Democrat who heads the Louisiana… Read More »

Third Confederate memorial comes down in New Orleans

Early Wednesday, just hours after Louisiana’s Republican-dominated House advanced a bill prohibiting the removal of virtually any plaque, monument, memorial or statue connected to a war or military service before a referendum, work crews in New Orleans peeled a 102-year-old mounted statue of Confederate Gen. P.T.G. Beauregard from his stone pedestal at the entrance to… Read More »

Louisiana Black Caucus condemns ‘disgusting’ vote by House to block removal of New Orleans monuments

The Louisiana House approved legislation Monday aimed at blocking the removal of Confederate monuments, causing the 24-member Legislative Black Caucus to walk out. A largely party-line 65-31 vote followed an emotionally charged two hours of debate and comes as the majority-black New Orleans is taking down statues of figures from the Civil War’s Confederacy. “It… Read More »

New Orleans needs help moving Confederate statues — and stopping extremists in the way

By intimidation and the veiled or open threat of violence, a motley band of white supremacists, Confederate sympathizers and self-appointed advocates of Southern heritage are endeavoring to halt the city of New Orleans’s efforts to relocate monuments lionizing the Confederacy. By impeding the lawful, legitimate acts of an elected government, the statues’ champions, some of… Read More »