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Email referencing monkeys angers black Alabama legislators

An email that today circulated the Alabama Legislature made a reference that seemed to describe African-Americans as “monkeys,” members of the Legislative Black Caucus said in a press conference this afternoon. Under the subject line “POLITICS psychology,” the email shares an anecdote of four caged monkeys trying to reach a banana tied to a string.… Read More »

Alabama Lawmaker Confronts Speaker for ‘Racist’ Comment

An Alabama lawmaker shouted down a committee meeting speaker who dismissed marijuana arrest disparities as playing the “race card.” Democratic Rep. Juandalynn Givan, of Birmingham, warned former state Rep. Richard Laird on Wednesday to never return to the House Judiciary Committee for using the term. She also argued with the body’s chairman for interrupting her… Read More »

Woman prosecuted by Jeff Sessions can’t forgive

Evelyn Turner says she still has nightmares about what happened in this small Alabama city more than three decades ago. And it involves President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions. The year was 1985 and Sessions, then a US attorney, prosecuted an infamous voter fraud case that captured the nation’s attention, and had… Read More »

Will Birmingham Give Birth to National Racial Reconciliation?

The city of Birmingham is famous for its place in history as ground zero of the civil-rights movement — but a first-of-its-kind meeting of religious and civil leaders has possibly sown the seeds for a new national movement of racial reconciliation between black and white Americans. Birmingham Mayor William Bell Sr., Bishop Robert Baker of… Read More »

Clinton jabs GOP on voting rights, Medicaid in Alabama

In Hillary Clinton’s first visit to Alabama as a 2016 presidential candidate, she said exactly what Alabama Democrats wanted to hear. Clinton addressed the Alabama Democratic Conference convention and spoke at length about the problems plaguing the state. In particular, Clinton spoke against Gov. Robert Bentley and the state Legislature for not expanding Medicaid and… Read More »