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Diversity in tech: Lots of attention, little progress

The tech industry has brought us self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, disappearing photos and 3-D printers. But when it comes to racial and gender diversity, its companies are no trailblazers. Despite loudly touted efforts to hire more black, Latino and female workers, especially in technical and leadership positions, diversity numbers at the largest tech companies are… Read More »

Black Entrepreneurs Turn to Social Media

Social Media isn’t just the newest way to communicate, find love and reconnect with lost friends, it’s also a thriving marketplace. From conglomerates to start-ups, businesses are utilizing social media to further push their brand worldwide. Now, people of color are getting in on the action. Across the country, Black designers are using social media… Read More »

Google Fiber’s War On African-American Communities

Google has long been seen as a visionary company, one that has ushered in a host of innovations that have transformed the way people live and, in the process, turned the company itself into a celebrated and iconic brand. Its national expansion into broadband is a venture known as Google Fiber, but as the corporate… Read More »

Can Facebook prevent racial discrimination in targeted advertising?

With the use of a category called “ethnic affinities,” Facebook allows its advertisers to exclude specific racial groups when placing housing ads on its portal, a ProPublica investigation revealed on Thursday. The nonprofit investigative news organization illustrated how Facebook approved within 15 minutes an ad it submitted for a “renter event” that explicitly excluded African… Read More »

How Black People Built Social Media

“God created black people and black people created style,” George C. Wolfe once wrote. African-Americans heavily influence everything entertainment to political discourse to the culture and conversations that fuel the internet. And yet black users on social platforms are largely ignored by the companies who build them. In an effort to drive growth, many social… Read More »

Nielsen 2016 Report: Black Millennials Close the Digital Divide Social Media and Mobile Device Use are Game-changers Raising Influence and Visibility

Black Millennials are 11.5 million strong and leading a viral vanguard that is driving African-Americans’ innovative use of mobile technology and closing the digital divide. Nielsen highlights this group in a new report called “Young, Connected and Black: African-American Millennials Are Driving Social Change and Leading Digital Advancement.” With $162 billion in buying power and… Read More »