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Effective Black Leadership More Important Than Ever

It is hard to imagine a more dangerously narcissistic President than Donald Trump. His decisions erode civil rights gains and further embolden racism and white privilege; his foreign policy is just as scary. Keep in mind, however, Trump represents the feelings of those who voted for him, which is even scarier. Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow… Read More »

The Evil and Ugliness of Racism: Violence, Disadvantage and Struggle

Of all the evil and violent psychological and social disorders that can infect a people and that have affected the history and lives of the peoples of the world, few rival racism in its destructive impact. Indeed, the horrid history of racism in this country began with its founding: the Holocaust of genocide and dispossession… Read More »

Georgia GOPer warns black attorney she ‘may go missing’ if she tries to remove Confederate monument

A Republican member of the Georgia House of Representatives issued a veiled threat of lynching to a black former colleague who expressed anti-Confederate memorial sentiments on his Facebook. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia State Rep. Jason Spencer (R) did exactly that on a Facebook post when former state representative LaDawn Jones expressed a distaste… Read More »