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‘Being black in America is tough’

LeBron James says “being black in America is tough.” He’s correct. We can debate where LeBron James sits in the pantheon of great basketballers. There should be no debate, however, about his role as one of sports’ most insightful figures. In response to an abhorrent act of vandalism involving a spray-painted racial slur on his… Read More »

Suppression: A Common Thread in American Democracy

Danyelle Solomon – Recently, Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) ordered the removal of several Confederate monuments in New Orleans, forever stripping these symbols of suppression against African Americans of their reverence. In a speech following his order, Landrieu spoke candidly and honestly, saying that the goal in erecting these monuments was “to rewrite history to hide… Read More »

Cosby exposes generational divide in black community

Long before a Pennsylvania jury began deliberating Bill Cosby’s fate in a sexual assault case, a large swath of the black community had already found him guilty of forgetting where he came from. For a people who spent centuries fighting the scourge of racism, there is no greater hero than one who has risen above… Read More »

Yale and HBCUs team up to help students ‘soar’

Paul Messier, the Pritzker Director of Yale University’s Lens Media Lab, has straightforward advice for young people considering a career in the conservation of cultural heritage: Embrace innovation. “This field is a platform for creativity,” Messier said, standing in his lab at the Institute for the Preservation of Culture and Heritage (IPCH) at Yale’s West… Read More »

Voting Rights in the Trump Era

As a Texas native, I have witnessed many dark days in the fight to ensure voting rights for all people. The 2013 Supreme Court decision, Shelby County v. Holder, overturned portions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in historically discriminatory states and allowed those states to implement changes to election laws without any checks… Read More »