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African-American Hospitals Were the Pride of an Excluded Community

Many hospitals, from prestigious medical centers to tiny community clinics, at one time did not admit black patients and did not hire or train black doctors or nurses. Others confined black patients to “colored” wings. In the African-American community, those institutions are still sometimes known as “white hospitals.” “In the minds of our grandparents, black… Read More »

Fighting Health Inequality with Neighbors, not Nurses

Hermione Fraser is a hair stylist and a business owner. She gives advice daily on whether this cut or that braid, a dye-job or highlights will work. She has also given advice on something else: mammograms. Years back, a program sponsored by the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health called A Soul Sense of Beauty,… Read More »

NAACP, Baxter Launch Partnership to Improve Access to Kidney Healthcare

The NAACP announced today that, with support from Baxter International Inc., it is launching a series of town hall events in communities across the country to improve knowledge about kidney disease and dialysis treatment options for African Americans.  Baxter’s support will enable the project to bring needed information about prevention and treatment of kidney disease… Read More »

Why Ending Disparities in Health Care Must Start at the Top

Among the many lessons from the fractious presidential election is the manifest need for a national dialogue on what it means to be a diverse, inclusive society. There are myriad threads and entry points to such a discussion, but it might start with our health care system. Despite decades of reports, the formation of organizations… Read More »

How A Repeal Of The Affordable Care Act Will Affect Blacks

Racism has historically had a significant, negative impact on the health care of Blacks and other people of color in the United States. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is truly the first time that African-Americans have, collectively, had significant access to health care. It is noteworthy that America’s first African-American president is chiefly responsible for… Read More »

The Arduous Paths of America’s First Black Doctors

Around 1906, a young boy in Atlanta was stricken with a condition that cut off the circulation in his legs. His family feared it was life-threatening. His father, an African American minister named Briny Jordan, took him to the closest doctor he could find in the city. The doctor was white, so Briny had reservations.… Read More »

How Racism Impacts Your Health

Andrew Shannon, who has headed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference on the Peninsula for 15 years, does not need to read a 2014 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine report that shows racism can damage your health. Shannon was not among the 1574 Baltimore residents who participated in the 2014 study. Specifically the study showed… Read More »

The Inexcusable Lack of Diversity in Genetic Studies

The next big thing in medicine is supposed to be precision medicine?—?medical care that is more effective because it is individually tailored to each person, largely on the basis of genetics. Precision medicine has long been an important goal of physicians and biomedical scientists, and it is now the focus of a major new research… Read More »