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Racial gap narrows in heart attack deaths: Huge improvements in black care mean all races have near-equal chances of surviving a cardiac arrest in hospital, study claims

The racial disparity between black and white heart attack patients has narrowed more than ever thanks to vast improvements in care for African Americans, a new report reveals. Experts warn much more work is needed since large racial differences exist in all sectors of healthcare. However, new data collected by the University of Iowa reveal… Read More »

High-Prescription Drug Prices Hurt the Black Community

Nearly a decade ago, Clinton Crawley, a Baltimore resident and one of my constituents, was diagnosed with diabetes. Clinton has done everything his doctors asked—he eats well, he exercises and he takes his medication. Although Clinton has employer-sponsored health insurance, the cost of his medication—more than $1,000 each year—places a significant burden on his finances.… Read More »

To Fight the HIV Epidemic, We Need the Black Church

Dr. Marjorie Innocent – Black Churches are more than places of worship. They are the vibrant hearts of the African-American community that bring the Gospel into our lives, inspire faith, grace, love and mercy and foster a deep commitment to service. For centuries, Black Churches and faith leaders have been at the forefront of the… Read More »

‘We’re losing more people to the sweets than to the streets’: Why two black pastors are suing Coca-Cola

William Lamar, the senior pastor at D.C.’s historic Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, is tired of presiding over funerals for parishioners who died of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. So on Thursday, he and another prominent African American pastor filed suit against Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association, claiming soda manufacturers knowingly deceived customers about… Read More »