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To Be Young, Black, and in Education

Nicole Sahbaee – In the next week, I will be closing my time as a summer intern at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and beginning my final undergraduate year at Howard University. I’ve learned more about public education at the National Alliance in two months than I have in the past year. However,… Read More »

New study shows more degrees earned at colleges and universities that serve minorities

The official federal graduation rates for colleges and universities that serve large numbers of black, Latino and Asian students significantly underestimate how many of their students are earning degrees, according to a new report. “Pulling Back the Curtain,” released Wednesday by the American Council on Education and the Center for Policy Research and Strategy, shows… Read More »

Black Valedictorian In Mississippi Trolled By Racists

Jasmine Shepard, a young African-American woman, has become the target of racist hate after becoming the first black valedictorian at a high school in Cleveland, Mississippi. According to a lawsuit filed by Jasmine’s mom, Sherry Shepard, in June, the problems began when a white student, who she says had a lower grade point average at… Read More »

What the Newark Riots Can Teach Us About Education

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the “long, hot summer.” In 1967, there were over 160 uprisings in cities throughout the U.S. The largest and deadliest uprisings occurred in Newark, N.J. and Detroit in July of that year. In Newark, the rebellion—the term used by local residents—lasted from July 12 to July 17. In… Read More »

An ingenious bid to force improvements in Mississippi schools

“I went to these trailers when I was in kindergarten,” says Dorothy Haymer of her six-year-old daughter’s temporary-but-permanent classroom at Webster Elementary school in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Some of the main building’s windows are cracked; the guttering is broken. Ms Haymer says parents are required to donate paper towels and soap for the lavatories. Art… Read More »

Center for American Progress Releases Issue Brief on the Racist Origins of Private School Vouchers

On the heels of proposals from Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and President Donald Trump to create the first nationwide federal voucher program while slashing funds for public schools and loosening civil rights protections, a new issue brief from the Center for American Progress explores the historical link between private school vouchers and segregationist policies in the… Read More »

In the Face of Racism and Poverty Black Parents Struggle To Support Their Children in Achieving Academic Success

Those who argue the practice of racism is weakening, cite the reign of Barack Obama or the increased prominence of Black entertainers and African-Americans who’ve accumulated financial success and career accolades. It’s substantially more challenging to find optimism in the academic achievements of Black boys and girls. A 2015 study found that racial disparities in… Read More »

Charter Schools Are Advancing the Cause of Black Education in America for the 21st Century

African-American educators have been at the forefront of education battles through the centuries. Before Brown v. Board, black educators came together to operate schools that were responsive to our community. And after the landmark ruling, black educators worked tirelessly — literally giving their sweat, blood, and tears — to enforce the Supreme Court’s will. There… Read More »