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Charter Schools Are Reinventing Local Control in Education

America’s devotion to local control of schools is dying, but it is also being reborn as a new faith in charter schools. These independently operated public schools—nearly 7,000 across the country, and counting—provide a much-needed option for almost three million youngsters in 43 states. As students return to school, the enterprise responsible for educating them… Read More »

As Children Across America Go Back to School, New CAP-Brookings Interactive Looks at Demographic Changes Among Them, Nationally and by State

Today, Center for American Progress demographers Ruy Teixeira and Rob Griffin, in collaboration with William Frey from the Brookings Institution, released a new interactive that looks at the demographic changes facing the country’s youngest group: children. The interactive, “A Blending American Youth,” explores some of the population changes that will define America in the 21st century.… Read More »

Black teachers matter

One spring morning this year, Darlene Lomax was driving to her father’s house in northwest Philadelphia. She took a right onto Germantown Avenue, one of the city’s oldest streets, and pulled up to Germantown High School, a stately brick-and-stone building. Empty whiskey bottles and candy cartons were piled around the benches in the school’s front… Read More »

Parent complains about derogatory class name

The Hurst-Euless-Bedford school district is apologizing for a teacher who picked an offensive nickname for her class. A parent who didn’t want his face shown on camera shared a picture with FOX 4 that shows the name “Jighaboos” on a laminated classroom sign at Bell Manor Elementary in Bedford. “I don’t think other parents know.… Read More »

LGBTQ Support Rises at Historically Black Schools

In Conference – B 301, a room in the Martin Luther King Jr. building at Maryland’s Bowie State University, literature is the decor. Books such as “Lesbian/Woman” and the compilation “Black Like Us: A Century of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual African American Fiction” stock bookcases. At every turn there are pamphlets, posters and fliers that… Read More »

Beats, Rhymes, & Bunsen Burners: Using Hip Hop as Teaching Tool

Rising Brooklyn Preparatory High School senior Jaiyer Millington can spit. And the topic of Biology puts no limits on his bars. Check it. “Look! The cause of your demise, I can see it cause I got the vision,” Millington raps. “Hit your shoulders several times, break the scapula humerus connection. And I subtract your femur… Read More »

Race, activism and Hillary Clinton at Wellesley

The two things that are said perhaps most often about Janet Hill—that she is a lawyer and that she was Hillary Clinton’s roommate at Wellesley College, in the late sixties—are not true. “That legend was started by the sportscaster Dick Vitale, in 1991,” she said recently, of the Clinton story. Hill’s son Grant was then… Read More »

Medical Schools Rally to Make Classes More Diverse

As a medical student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Lynn Pauls provided city residents with a service she didn’t have as a child: health care. “It was one of the first things that I learned was unequal about the world,” says Pauls, who graduated from Johns Hopkins this year. “I… Read More »