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We Need to Change How We Teach Black History

Columnist and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King recently wrote that Black History Month should not begin and end with lessons of American slavery. This is exactly right but for reasons somewhat different from the ones that he puts forth. School children, as well as adults, should understand the breadth of black heritage. When we… Read More »

OGTV Teams With HBCU Forever Foundation To Support Historically Black Colleges and Universities

In celebration of the theme, “Black History Month is EveryDay”, and in honor of STEM Diversity, Open Government TV and HBCU Forever Foundation are pleased to announce the formation of a partnership to support STEM initiatives amongst Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The partnership will also support scholarly achievement of students wanting to attend… Read More »

Race and Socioeconomic Background Affect Access to Quality Early Childhood Programs, New CAP Report Finds

A new report (en español) on preschool-to-third-grade, or P-3, alignment from the Center for American Progress examines the extent to which race and socioeconomic status affect a child’s access to high-quality early education and whether exposure to classrooms with teaching practices that build on and strengthen that early foundation vary for children from different racial… Read More »

Do black colleges matter to Obama?

Every year, the president presents his version of what was accomplished the prior year and a vision for the country in the coming year. As is customary, White House staff invites a small group of select Americans to join the first lady as her husband addresses Congress. NPR described the significance of the guest list… Read More »

Too good for African-Americans?

During last month’s equal-access-to-college arguments in Fisher v. the University of Texas before the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia once more proved himself to be — well — Justice Scalia. Using an ancient method of feigning the advance of others’ thoughts that actually reflects one’s own beliefs, he observed that “there are those who… Read More »