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The Right Fight for Education

Across the nation, moviegoers have lined up for screenings of the new film Selma. The movie recounts the courageous actions of thousands of ordinary, disenfranchised African-Americans in the South, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and now-Congressman John Lewis who took to the streets of Selma, Alabama, to secure the right to vote for all […]

Study puts high price on FSU-FAMU split

Splitting the engineering school shared by Florida State University and Florida A&M University into two separate programs could cost $1 billion and draw legal challenges on civil rights grounds, according to a new study on the issue. But the report, from the California-based Collaborative Braintrust Consulting Firm, also says that changes are needed at the […]

Inspiring Young Men from Minority Backgrounds to Code

On a sign that adorns the premises of the vibrant New York technology charity, All Star Code, the bold messaging could not be clearer. Displayed in large writing are the top ten principles that inspired the charity’s creation. Most prominently placed, and one that will ring true to many Americans, is number one. It reads: […]

For Liberal Arts Colleges, Enrolling Minority Students a Challenge

At top-ranked liberal arts colleges, there have been some gains and some setbacks in creating diverse student bodies. At Amherst College, 15.8 percent of the freshman class in fall 2014 was black, according to a December report from the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. It had the highest percentage of black freshmen among 24 […]

The Enduring Relevance of HBCUs in America

An ongoing debate at the collegiate and legislative levels across the U.S. has been about the relevance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Currently there are 105 HBCUs across the country mainly in the southern states established post-Civil war. Many of these were established as part of legislation of The Morrill Act of 1862 […]

HBCUs Divided over Free Community College Plan

Black college educators and supporters are sharply split over whether President Obama’s proposal to offer a free two-year community college education to students making progress toward earning an associate or bachelor’s degree would hurt are harm Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Lezli Baskerville, president and CEO of the National Association for Equal Opportunity in […]

There’s a Race Gap in the Toughest Classes at Most High Schools

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, and Mr. Deville’s 11th grade American history class is looking at a cartoon of Rep. Preston Brooks beating Sen. Charles Sumner with a cane. They’ve been asked to connect that 1856 incident with broader themes shaping the country’s slide into civil war. Nobody’s saying much yet. “All right. What’s happening […]

School Choice: Bringing MLK’s Dream Closer To Reality

More than fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I have a dream”speech, how close have we come to making that dream a reality? King’s 1963 march on Washington was aimed at ending racial segregation in public schools and racial discrimination in employment. Recent evidence suggests that while significant strides have been made in […]

Black Colleges Matter

Headlines announce, “Historically Black Colleges are Becoming More White,” “diversification” is affecting HBCUs and ask “White Students At Black Colleges: What Does it Mean for HBCUs?” Clearly, many journalists think that historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are becoming “less black.” Questions are being raised about the implications — positive, negative, or otherwise — for […]