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Charting a course to integration: Let charter schools help

According to a 2014 study by the UCLA Civil Rights Project, New York City’s schools are the most segregated in the entire nation. To fix this problem, we need to set aside petty squabbles and work together. To date, progress has been excruciatingly slow. A highly publicized rezoning of two Upper West Side schools, Public… Read More »

The Educational System is Putting African-American Teachers in Failing Schools, Expecting Them to be Miracle Workers

Students of all colors prefer Black teachers. Black students are suspended less; given more opportunities for gifted programs; are less likely to be placed in remedial education; and generally are not disciplined so harshly when they have a Black teachers. And even though many recent studies have shown that Black teachers help Black students (and… Read More »

The reason so many black teachers leave the job early

What will it take to get more black teachers to stay in the classroom? School administrators will have to explicitly address the racial biases and stereotyping that stifle black educators’ professional growth, argue researchers Ashley Griffin and Hilary Tackie in a new report from The Education Trust, a national nonprofit advocacy organization. As the nation’s… Read More »

Hillary Clinton Promises To Spend $25 Billion On Historically Black Colleges

In the last week of the presidential campaign, Democratic contender Hillary Clinton offered up a plan to spend $25 billion in federal funds on historically black colleges and universities. There are 107 HBCUs in the U.S., including Howard University in Washington, D.C., Morehouse College in Atlanta and Tuskegee University in Alabama. “African Americans still face… Read More »

NAACP opposition to charter schools harms black students

The latest moves by NAACP against charter schools negatively impact the demographic the group represents. At its national convention in July, the NAACP approved a resolution calling for a moratorium on the expansion of privately managed charter schools. The Movement For Black Lives, a network of Black Lives Matter organizers, also passed resolutions criticizing charter… Read More »