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Black Life is Stressful: Researchers Believe Meditation May Help Bridge Achievement Gap Between Black and White Students

A few minutes of thoughtful silence may help young African-American students cope with stresses of everyday life, Chicago researchers are finding. The Erikson Institute is leading a four-year study of 2,000 Chicago Public School students to find out whether “mindfulness” activities can boost academic achievement in young children from minority, low-income households. African-American children make… Read More »

Black Studies Matter

“Don’t talk race, assimilate. Find a way to purge who you are.” That’s what Ramona Tascoe’s father told her when she was young. Tascoe, a former member of the nation’s first Black Student Union, was born in Louisiana, but her family moved to San Francisco in 1953. When they got to California, her parents were… Read More »

National Coalition on School Diversity Urges Policies to Mitigate Racial and Socioeconomic Segregation in Schools Confirmed by GAO Report

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report confirming increased racial and socioeconomic segregation in our nation’s public schools. Two years ago, the GAO was asked to examine changes in student racial isolation or integration in schools over time, why and how selected school districts have implemented actions to increase student diversity, and the extent to which the… Read More »

The invisible tax on teachers of color

One of my top priorities as education secretary is to help our public schools serve the needs of our increasingly diverse students so that they have the opportunity to pursue the American dream and use their talents to help our nation tackle some of its most difficult problems. To achieve this goal, we need a… Read More »

New Study Shows Advances in Higher Education Outcomes for African Americans

The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education and the University of Pennsylvania’s Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy recently released a study examining trends in higher education based on family income, race/ethnicity, and family socioeconomic status. The report, “Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the United State — 2016 Historical Trend… Read More »

Even in Elite College Towns, Black Students Can’t Catch a Break

For years, education policy experts have pointed to an unequal allocation of school resources for the stubborn gap between higher achieving white students and minorities who struggle in the classroom. Yet Stanford University researchers have found the achievement gap occurs in nearly every school district in the country—and frequently is the widest in well-off districts… Read More »

The Comeback of Morris Brown College: 135 Year-Old HBCU Takes the Path to Restoring Accreditation

Rumors about the death of Morris Brown College were greatly exaggerated. Some naysayers had counted the college out, while others assumed the venerable, historically Black educational institution, which had fallen on hard times, was now defunct and laid to rest. The Atlanta-based HBCU, a private, coeducational, liberal arts college, was founded in 1881 by the… Read More »