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Why Talladega band belongs at Donald Trump’s inauguration

The marching band of my alma mater, Talladega College, the oldest historically black college in Alabama, accepted an invitation to participate in Donald Trump’s inaugural parade. Many people, including some Talladega alumni, are upset. They shouldn’t be. It is an honor to participate in the inauguration of any president of the United States. Talladega and… Read More »

Jim Brown’s ‘love’ for Donald Trump is at odds with the man we’ve come to know

In his 1972 autobiography, published shortly before he died, Jackie Robinson admitted a regret. It was, said America’s standard-bearer for integration, that he’d allowed himself to be used by McCarthyists on Capitol Hill in 1949 by issuing for them a public rebuke of the nonpareil athlete-turned-actor-turned-singer-turned-civil-rights activist Paul Robeson. “In those days I had much… Read More »

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Launches New Center With Support Of $26 Million Gift From Charles Koch Foundation And Koch Industries

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) today launched a new center committed to expanding educational, social, and economic opportunities in fragile communities through original research and direct engagement with residents. The Center for Advancing Opportunity, supported by a $25.6 million gift from the Charles Koch Foundation and Koch Industries, will provide undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships,… Read More »

School officials denounce racist petition that spoke of ‘supreme White race’

A white supremacist petition that circulated at a Maryland high school on Friday described African Americans as a “scourge,” said they “invented” rape, stealing and basketball, and spoke of “the supreme White race.” School officials immediately denounced the document and began an investigation. The petition, labeled Kool Kids Klan — its three K’s underlined in… Read More »

Do Disparate Discipline Rates Confirm Racism?

When the Department of Education reported that black students are subject to much harsher discipline than white students for the same offenses, the immediate assumption was that racism was the reason (“Violence in the Halls, Disorder in the Malls,” City Journal, Dec. 29, 2016). But white students are disciplined at higher rates than Asian students.… Read More »