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Black Girls Matter, and Schools Are Letting Them Down

In New York City public schools, black boys are disciplined six times more often than their white counterparts. This should concern everyone. In those same schools, black girls are disciplined 10 times more often than white girls. Even more alarming. The story’s the same in Boston. Though less than a third of the girls enrolled […]

Her aim: ministry at historically black colleges

Joy Pigg jumped at the opportunity to help launch a new Baptist Collegiate Ministry group at Southern University of New Orleans. Pigg’s readiness for a ministry challenge stretches far beyond SUNO (the university’s initials). The vision of this student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s Leavell College is to see Baptist campus ministry groups launched […]

Getting African-American Boys to Read With ‘Barbershop Books’

There’s a classic marketing theory that when you put two words or ideas together enough, consumers will form an implicit association—and even act. I say “peanut butter,” you think, “jelly.” I play French music in my grocery store, you buy a bottle of Burgundy. One is a trigger for the other. Improbable, perhaps, that a […]

Black Scholars Seek Path to Excellence in Eurocentric Setting

Black scholars whose concern for Black America’s well being shows up in their classroom teaching, research, authorships and others aspects of their work sometimes are discouraged from following those pursuits, perhaps especially by colleagues at non-Black institutions where a Eurocentric education has long been the norm. That was the broad consensus of several prominent African […]

Standardized school tests called civil-rights matter

Advocates for poor and minority-group children are pushing a novel idea: standardized tests as a civil right. The nation’s major civil-rights groups say that federally required testing — in place for a decade through existing law — is a tool to force fairness in public schools by aiming a spotlight at the stark differences in […]

Where Are the Teachers of Color?

Growing up in the 1970s and ’80s in the Chicago suburb of Blue Island, Ill., Gladys Marquez, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, never once had a Hispanic teacher. Sometimes, when trying to explain to her parents her plans for college — or even why she wanted to play softball or try out for the cheerleading […]

UNCF president seeks new generation of donors

Michael Lomax, head of the United Negro College Fund, isn’t shy about ruffling feathers for his cause. Lomax made headlines last year when he unapologetically announced a $25 million grant from Koch Industries Inc. and the Charles Koch Foundation — a powerhouse name in conservative politics. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have personally […]

The racial academic achievement gap cannot be closed in segregated schools

Americans have mostly come to the conclusion that the gap in achievement between advantaged and disadvantaged children (in particular, between middle- and lower-class children, or between white and black children) is the fault of “failing schools,” because it makes no common sense that it could be otherwise. After all, if teachers know how to teach […]