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The Influx of Latino Students at Historically Black Colleges

Ramiro Bautista sought to accomplish two things after graduating from a two-year college in 2005. Primarily, he wanted to get into a four-year college with a reputable business program. Secondly, he wanted to be near a friend who received a full athletic scholarship to a certain university. That college turned out to be Prairie View… Read More »

Black males struggle in segregated schools

A new study using federal data finds that black students who attend schools that have a majority of black students score lower on achievement tests than black students who go to school with fewer other black students. The findings held true after researchers accounted for family income, level of parent education and other factors they… Read More »

Are Historically Black Schools Dying?

I have predicted the demise of several hundred American colleges and universities over the next decade – schools are becoming too costly, and the benefits are increasingly questionable. No group of schools is more vulnerable than historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). More of them are in the news lately because of this vulnerability. Cheyney… Read More »

Making Classrooms Work for All Our Students

Ben Jealous The most important factor in a student’s success is a great teacher. But in the modern classroom, even great teachers face daunting obstacles. This is a story about what happens when big data meets the “three R’s” – reading, writing, and arithmetic. It’s a story about the recent revolution in Education Technology, and… Read More »

Renewed effort needed to diversify teaching workforce, report finds

The percentage of African-American teachers in many of the nation’s largest public school districts is declining, and policymakers must redouble their efforts to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce, according to a new report. Nationally, the teaching force is gradually growing more diverse, the report found, with the share of non-white teachers rising from… Read More »

The race gap in science knowledge

There is a significant gap in knowledge about scientific concepts along racial and ethnic lines in the U.S., according to a new Pew Research Center report released last week. When asked a series of 12 science-related questions, whites, on average, fared better than blacks or Hispanics. While the average number of questions whites answer correctly… Read More »