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Where Did All the Black Teachers Go?

I started first grade at an all-black elementary school in Chester, Pa., a deeply segregated factory town near Philadelphia, in 1957 — three years after the Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that school segregation was unconstitutional. The crisply dressed first graders who moved hesitantly that day through the halls of the… Read More »

HBCUs and the Nation’s Higher Ed Goals

Our nation’s international competitive position depends in part on the quality of higher education that it provides all its citizens. It is fortunate we have an array of higher educational institutions, including historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and minority-serving institutions (MSIs) that serve the unique needs of a diverse population that seeks equal access… Read More »

For blacks, college is not an equalizer

cclaimed TV shows such as “Atlanta,” “Black-ish” and “Insecure” reveal a troubling paradox: Why do many well-educated black Americans feel so economically insecure? Here’s a surprising clue: Blacks with college degrees have lost wealth over the past generation. Lots of wealth, in fact — and in sharp contrast to whites. Research from the Federal Reserve… Read More »

The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Early Education Inequality Shapes Incarceration in US and Brazil

In the United States and Brazil, two countries with deep histories of racial injustice, disparities in educational opportunities between racial minorities and white populations manifest as early as preschool. The chances of incarceration significantly increase in poor black populations, greatly due to the structures and policies that begin at the start of formal schooling. This… Read More »

Columbia University partners with HBCUs to fight lack of business diversity

It’s no surprise that the lack of diversity in the professional workforce is a common problem. A quick internet search will unearth countless studies confirming that women and minorities, especially African-Americans, are underrepresented across most industries. Although there are thousands of qualified African-Americans in all fields, many companies maintain that they are eager to hire… Read More »