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The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Early Education Inequality Shapes Incarceration in US and Brazil

In the United States and Brazil, two countries with deep histories of racial injustice, disparities in educational opportunities between racial minorities and white populations manifest as early as preschool. The chances of incarceration significantly increase in poor black populations, greatly due to the structures and policies that begin at the start of formal schooling. This… Read More »

Study: Blacks comprise majority of defendants who are wrongfully convicted

African Americans comprise the majority of defendants wrongfully convicted of murder, sexual assault and drug crimes who are later exonerated, according to a study released by the National Registry of Wrongful Convictions. The report titled “Race and Wrongful Convictions in the United States” reported that African Americans constituted 47 percent of the 1,900 exonerations listed… Read More »

The Link Between Race and Solitary Confinement

Stark disparities in prisoners’ treatment are embedded into criminal-justice systems at the city, county, state, and federal levels, and have disproportionate, negative effects on men of color. A new analysis from the Association of State Correctional Administrators and Yale Law School provides a fresh trove of information with which to explore the racial dynamics in… Read More »

Keith Scott killing: No charges against officer

Protesters took to the streets of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, on Wednesday night to show their disappointment with the decision to not charge an officer in the shooting death of a black man. A two-month investigation determined that Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Brentley Vinson was justified in shooting Keith Lamont Scott in an apartment complex parking… Read More »

Race and the Tragedy of Quota-Based Policing

Criminal justice reform divides into two seemingly irreconcilable camps: Black Lives Matter versus blue lives matter. On one side are racial minorities—often led by women—and allied whites who acknowledge that having black or brown skin can be a death-dealing hazard. These individuals are exasperated about lethal police violence and the resultant lack of accountability. On… Read More »

Blacks have more political power than ever. But they still face a racialized criminal justice system.

The federal government was designed by the framers of the American Constitution in the 18th century to protect minority rights. In the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s this role was deployed against white supremacy in the American South with decisive effect to ensure that first de-segregationist court decisions, and later Civil Rights legislation, did… Read More »