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When A Historically Black University’s Neighborhood Turns White

Howard University, one of the nation’s top historically black colleges, has seen the neighborhood around it change drastically over the years. The area, located just a couple of miles north of Capitol Hill, was once working-class and black. But as hundreds of new residents move to D.C. each month, more nonblack residents move into Howard’s… Read More »

To Be Young, Black, and in Education

Nicole Sahbaee – In the next week, I will be closing my time as a summer intern at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and beginning my final undergraduate year at Howard University. I’ve learned more about public education at the National Alliance in two months than I have in the past year. However,… Read More »

Black Women Picking up Firearms for Self-Defense

Sitting in a classroom above a gun range, a woman hesitantly says she isn’t sure she could ever shoot and kill someone, even to protect herself. Couldn’t she just aim for their leg and try to maim them? Her instructor says self-defense is not about killing someone, but is instead about eliminating a threat. If… Read More »