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African-Americans, Vaccines and a History of Suspicion

A good parent is not sure what to believe. On one side, doctors tell us vaccinations are safe and necessary for our children. They’ve been in existence for hundreds of years, most people get them and they are credited with eradicating diseases and saving lives. On the other side are numerous horror stories involving vaccinated… Read More »

What One Congressman Thinks of Environmental Justice

All around the country, communities of color are subject to environmental injustice. Oil refineries, power plants and extraction sites spew toxic gases and metals into the air and drinking water. And one congressman is over it. New Jersey Rep. Donald Payne Jr. penned a column for on Earth Day (April 22) where he called… Read More »

The Heroin Crisis We’ve Ignored

Hola mis amores!” Melissa Hernandez, 35, calls out as she pulls her car up in a narrow alley between a muddy vacant lot and a tangle of brambles in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood. It’s the evening of Donald Trump’s inauguration, but that is a world away for the handful of people who emerge from a… Read More »

Here’s why homeownership gaps exist

Homeownership is a goal shared among all people, regardless of race or ethnicity, and remains the main driver of wealth creation for the majority of households in the United States. That is why it is vital to understand the underlying characteristics that influence the probability of homeownership. Over the last several months, my research has… Read More »

Why Environmental Groups Need More Volunteers of Color

Earth Day comes right before National Volunteer Week, an annual celebration of North American volunteerism in late April. This fortuitous timing gives environmental nonprofits an opportunity to engage prospective volunteers, especially nonwhites who live in communities exposed to environmental injustices. The Conversation But although people of color are more likely than whites to live in… Read More »