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The complicated story of black conservatism

At a campaign stop last year, Donald Trump saw one black man in a sea of white supporters. Without a drop of embarrassment he announced, “Oh, look at my African American over there. Look at him. Are you the greatest?” Yes, it has got to be tough to be a black Republican in the Trump… Read More »

Can Trumpism Last Without Minority Voters?

Compared with the ongoing firestorm over Russia and impending showdown over health care, President Trump’s meeting with Congressional Black Caucus leaders Wednesday might seem peripheral to a presidency careening through constant turmoil. But the session, which aired but didn’t resolve differences about the federal budget and other domestic issues, captured a critical test of his… Read More »

Why Are Black Republicans Afraid to Speak Out?

Sometimes I wonder if I was a Black Democrat, a retired Black athlete or a Black comedian would it be easier for me to get a meeting with the leadership of the Republican Party or harder. As a life-long, die hard Black Republican, it seems almost impossible to get noticed in the Republican Party. Black… Read More »

The GOP’s Long History With Black Colleges

Just hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th president, the tricky political relationship between Republican presidents and historically black colleges and universities was already on display. Talladega College, one of the 105 black colleges dotting the United States, seized on the rare opportunity for its marching band to participate in a presidential… Read More »

Can Trump win over African Americans? This survey suggests there’s little chance.

As February began, President Trump made a seemingly routine political gesture by convening in the White House with African American allies to mark Black History Month. Initially started as “Negro History Week” by famed African American historian Carter G. Woodson, Black History Month has been recognized by every U.S. president dating to Gerald R. Ford.… Read More »

Where Does the Black Community Go From Here? Part 1

On November 9, 2016, America witnessed one of the biggest and most historical political earthquakes ever. Very few people saw this coming. In fact, most predicted that Donald Trump would lose convincingly to Hilary Clinton. Donald Trump won the presidential election by championing White nationalism and by slamming and degrading the “establishment.” It did not… Read More »