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Black women vote in large numbers… yet are underrepresented

America’s Black women vote at high rates and are politically active, but remain underrepresented in elected positions relative to their population size. And they’ll have to continue protecting their ability to cast ballots, according to “The Status of Black Women in the United States,” a report released in June. That’s because the U.S. Supreme Court… Read More »

Electoral Politics Crucial for Blacks

In this surreal-like but painfully real era of Donald Trump, Black people must re-examine their values and demand more effective leadership. The general public has less confidence in electoral politics and government than it did 45 years ago, even with Richard Nixon’s downfall. With good reason, Blacks have even less confidence than others in politicians… Read More »

Has Anyone Seen America’s Black Governors?

An alarming event took place in Louisiana 145 years ago. Though the former Confederate state was on the losing side of the Civil War a few years prior, little could have prepared the state’s plantation owners, white terror groups and elected officials for the infamous day of Dec. 9, 1872, when a Black man was… Read More »

There’s Racist. And Then There’s Stunningly Racist. Then There’s This GOP Fundraising Email.

Last week, a fundraising email was circulated in support of David Clarke, Milwaukee’s infamous conservative sheriff. The email was made to look like it came from Rudy Giuliani. However, it was actually sent by Jack Daly, the self-appointed national chairman of the official draft Sheriff Clarke for Senate effort. Daly wants Sheriff Clarke to unseat… Read More »