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Much to Researchers’ Surprise, Black Millennials Are the Most Optimistic About Their Futures

Even in the face of race-based oppression, Black millennials are keeping their heads to the sky. In fact, Black young adults are the most optimistic about their future in America when compared to Latino, Asian and white millennials, a new study revealed. A collaborative research project conducted by the University of Texas and Latino advertising… Read More »

The Retirement Crisis Facing African Americans

There’s a saying: When white America catches a cold, black America catches pneumonia. So, if there is an impending retirement crisis in America, what does that mean for African Americans? The answer to that question is discouraging. The average white family had more than $130,000 in liquid retirement savings (cash in accounts such as 401(k)s,… Read More »

African American homeownership falls to 50-year low

After fair housing legislation was passed in 1968 during the Civil Rights era, the black homeowership rate increased for 30 years and reached nearly 50 percent in 2004, but all those gains have been erased in the last 12 years. The homeownership rate for black households ended 2016 at 41.7 percent, near a 50-year low,… Read More »