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Black doctors earn less than White doctors

African-American physicians earn 15 percent less than White physicians—an average of $262,000 compared to $303,000—according to Medscape’s 2017 Physicians Compensation Report. Approximately 19,200 physicians across 26 areas of medicine were asked questions about annual compensation, race, gender, geography and job satisfaction. The report, detailed by CBS News, revealed that African-American doctors are less likely to… Read More »

Here’s why homeownership gaps exist

Homeownership is a goal shared among all people, regardless of race or ethnicity, and remains the main driver of wealth creation for the majority of households in the United States. That is why it is vital to understand the underlying characteristics that influence the probability of homeownership. Over the last several months, my research has… Read More »

Job Prospects Flat for Black Workers in March

The employment prospects for African Americans showed little improvement in March, according to the Labor Department’s most recent jobs report. The labor force participation rate, which is the share of Blacks who either hold jobs or are looking for work, remained unchanged from February (62.3 percent) to March. The share of Blacks who have jobs… Read More »

Black homeownership rates dip sharply

The dream of owning a home has been an elusive one for African-Americans in recent years, according to new research that shows a trend that could affect the overall economic health of the Black community. The rates of homeownership for African-Americans have been dropping since 2000 and are now below their 1970 level, data compiled… Read More »