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Sunday news shows still need more diversity

America’s Sunday news shows have gotten marginally much better with having Brown faces on their political roundtables to discuss issues of the day. But we’re still not there yet. Thirty years ago, there were only three major networks: NBC, ABC and CBS and their three Sunday political talk shows were dominated not only by white… Read More »

Black Women Publishers Drive the Black Press

In 1827, with the publication of the “Freedom’s Journal,” John Russwurm and Reverend Samuel Cornish established the Black Press and boldly declared their mission: to be the voice of the African-American community, standing up for victims of injustice, and championing the unsung. Dedicated, resilient and strong Black women, who account for a significant number of… Read More »

Still Pleading Our Own Cause: The Black Press Celebrates 190 Years

The oldest Black business industry in America began 190 years ago today. On March 16, 1827, the first edition of the “Freedom’s Journal” was published, thrusting African-Americans into the bustling publishing business. At the time, Blacks in America weren’t even considered citizens, most were slaves and forbidden to read or write. However, John Russwurm and… Read More »

NNPA Receives $1.5 Million Gates Grant for Education Campaign

When civil rights icon Dr. Benjamin Chavis was named president and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), he remained true to form, touting the Black Press as the uncensored, objective and unflinching media voice of the Black community. On that sun-soaked day in June 2014 in Portland, Oregon, Chavis proclaimed his eagerness to… Read More »

What TV Says About Race and Money

Some of the most fascinating conversations about class anxiety aren’t happening on cable news networks these days but on a more unexpected place on television: shows like “Atlanta,” “black-ish” and “Insecure,” which have explored a profound, if largely ignored, economic issue — black downward mobility. On “black-ish,” the Johnson family is led by Dre, a… Read More »