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MLK’s Revolutionary Speech, ‘Beyond Vietnam’ Turns 50 Today. Here’s How It’s Relevant to Our Current Crazy

Fifty years ago today (April 4) something miraculous happened in the United States. In the midst of the Cold War, in which the U.S. branded many of its critics communist traitors, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out about he Vietnam War. That illegitimate war was supposed to be about freeing Vietnamese people… Read More »

China has an irrational fear of a “black invasion” bringing drugs, crime, and interracial marriage

Earlier this month in Beijing, amid the pomp of China’s annual rubber-stamp parliament meetings, a politician proudly shared with reporters his proposal on how to “solve the problem of the black population in Guangdong.” The latter province is widely known in China to have many African migrants. “Africans bring many security risks,” Pan Qinglin told… Read More »

Black Lives Matter protesters removed from London airport runway, police say

A group of Black Lives Matter activists whose protest temporarily shut down a London airport Tuesday have been arrested and removed from the runway, police said. Flights were suspended at London City Airport after nine protesters locked themselves together on the runway and erected a tripod, London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement. Black Lives… Read More »