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Trump’s Vicious Attack on Black Communities

During the campaign and the first few weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, it didn’t seem as though African Americans were explicitly targeted with negative policy directives (other than the cuts facing most middle- and working-class Americans, of course). Clearly, immigrants and people of Islamic faith were in the crosshairs. Trump’s campaign rhetoric was filled with… Read More »

Can Trumpism Last Without Minority Voters?

Compared with the ongoing firestorm over Russia and impending showdown over health care, President Trump’s meeting with Congressional Black Caucus leaders Wednesday might seem peripheral to a presidency careening through constant turmoil. But the session, which aired but didn’t resolve differences about the federal budget and other domestic issues, captured a critical test of his… Read More »

White House courting of HBCUs ends with disappointing budget

After meetings with the Trump administration last month, leaders of historically black colleges and universities expressed cautious optimism that the increased funding they requested might actually make it into the White House budget. It did not. Instead, Trump’s first presidential budget released Thursday calls for “maintaining” $492 million in appropriations for HBCUs and minority-serving institutions.… Read More »