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BAEO Statement on Fiscal Year 2018 Education Budget Proposal

Jacqueline Cooper, president of the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), released the following statement on the Administration’s education priorities in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal: “While we applaud the Administration’s efforts to expand parental choice options for our nation’s children, including increased spending for public charter schools, a new private school voucher program,… Read More »

Black politician ‘threatened with lynching’ after calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment

Donald Trump supporters reportedly threatened to “lynch” an African-American politician who called for the US President to be impeached. Democrat representative Al Green said he had been menaced with threatening phone calls after he took to the House floor to accuse Mr Trump of “obstruction of justice”. He reportedly played a number of voicemails that… Read More »

Is There Still a Place for HBCUs In Trump’s New America?

By most conservative estimates, the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities are on life support. A combination of gaps in federal and state funding, alumni contributions and student enrollment has many of the institutions in this essential portion of the Black education portfolio desperately seeking options, with several close to shutting their doors. While the… Read More »

GOP anger at Trump is building

Republican unease with President Trump is building, and if it snowballs, the White House could suffer significant political damage. Asked about the mood among conservatives, GOP strategist Rick Tyler replied with a single word: “Fatigue.” The pattern of negative headlines continued late Tuesday afternoon, when The New York Times reported that Trump earlier this year… Read More »

Donald Trump’s plan to disenfranchise minority voters

Just in time to distract from the 24-hour Russia-all-the-time news cycle is President Trump’s newly announced Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, an entity headed by Vice President Mike Pence that will supposedly focus on voter fraud and suppression. This effort might seem like an inartful attempt to lend credibility to the president’s disproven claims of… Read More »