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As Supreme Court Debates Constitutionality of Confederate Flag on License Plates, A Reminder That The Flag Represents More Than Hate

As the Supreme Court deliberates on whether to allow Texas motorists to ride with license plates featuring the Confederate flag, perhaps it is the ideal time to understand the true nature of what it symbolizes. That’s what Charles D. Ellison, political strategist and MSNBC “Hardball” panelist, contends. In a scathing, fact-based column on The Root,… Read More »

Supreme Court Denies Review of North Carolina Voting Law, Restores Key Voting Provisions as Case Continues

The U.S. Supreme Court denied review of key provisions of North Carolina’s voter suppression law, denying the state’s petition for review of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. The Fourth Circuit October 2014 decision (which was stayed by the Supreme Court pending the ruling on this petition), preliminarily blocked two parts of the new… Read More »

Justice Clarence Thomas dissents from a voting rights ‘victory’ in Alabama

Civil rights groups cheered a decision this week in which the Supreme Court revived a lawsuit by the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus challenging the apportionment of the two houses of the Alabama Legislature. The Black Caucus argued that the Republican-controlled Legislature “packed” more black voters into some districts than was necessary to ensure that African… Read More »

Supreme Court rules against Alabama redistricting plan

The Supreme Court sided with black challengers Wednesday and told a lower court to reconsider whether a redistricting plan drawn by Alabama’s Republican legislature packed minority voters into districts to dilute their influence. The court voted 5 to 4 to send the plan back for further judicial review. Justice Stephen G. Breyer wrote the opinion,… Read More »

Meet the Unusual Plaintiffs Behind the Supreme Court Case That Could Destroy Obamacare

On March 4, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in King v. Burwell, a lawsuit designed by conservative advocates to destroy Obamacare. If the plaintiffs prevail, about 8 million people could lose their health insurance. Premiums are likely to skyrocket by 35 percent or more, threatening coverage for millions of others. Health policy experts… Read More »