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Full text of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s speech at DNC

Our platform, crafted by Democrats, is not about partisanship but pragmatism, not about left or right, but about moving America and our economy forward. Our platform — and our President — stand firm in the conviction that America must continue to out-build, out-innovate and out-educate the world. This platform is a clear choice between economic […]

2012 Democratic National Convention: Remarks by The Honorable James Clyburn, Assistant Democratic Leader and Member of the US House of Representatives, South Carolina

Good evening. At the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, John F. Kennedy accepted our party’s nomination saying, “We are not here to curse the darkness; we are here to light a candle.” More than half a century later, the same can be said here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is a precept I […]

DNC 2012: Issues, not race, will be key factor in motivating black vote

“Fired Up” “Ready to Go!” “Fired Up” Ready to Go!” The call and answer rally cry swelled inside the Democratic National Convention’s Black Caucus meeting Monday. Hundreds of delegates and volunteers leapt to their feet, appearing genuinely fired up and ready to do the kind of on-the-ground campaigning it will take within the black community […]

Things just keep getting better and better

– Things just keep getting better and better. So, some skill and diplomacy was needed last night. Not only did I post part of this blog during Kerry’s speech but then had to time it so that I could at least watch Joe Biden’s acceptance speech on the monitors and hear it on the audio […]

Backstage at the Pepsi Convention Center

– From backstage now at the Pepsi Convention Center just after a power-packed Bill Clinton punch!!! The event at the Ritz Carlton was hot. Vote Hope seems to be a new organization which is forming to support multicultural candidates who run for office. Not bad, huh? During a cool little Ritz “box” lunch, coincidentally in […]

DNC Convention Update

– All keeps moving like a fabulous, power party train headed to the destination of the Obama destination. When I last left you, I was headed to the convention floor after a few conference calls in the lounge at the Denver Sheraton fresh from the Pelosi-Clinton-Obama (Michelle) extravangza just finishing up moments in the ballroom […]

The Emily’s List Gala

– Ah, it’s not easy doing deals, meeting with government officials regarding my upcoming Entertainment & Innovation Forum and assisting KPOO and documenting loads in this blog in our partnership with BPOTW, but I am holding it down! Just got out of what was clearly the “historical” event of the day. Don’t think the Denver […]