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Can Trump win over African Americans? This survey suggests there’s little chance.

As February began, President Trump made a seemingly routine political gesture by convening in the White House with African American allies to mark Black History Month. Initially started as “Negro History Week” by famed African American historian Carter G. Woodson, Black History Month has been recognized by every U.S. president dating to Gerald R. Ford.… Read More »

Neither White Nor Privileged: Stanford’s Minority Trump Supporters

The Stanford campus’ reaction to Trump’s election was dominated by feelings of hopelessness and anger. Facebook newsfeeds on November 8, 2016 were filled with claims about the anti-women, anti-LGBT, and anti-minority implications of the election, often from privileged students who spoke for others. Three months later, Stanford students continue to disagree on whether Trump supporters… Read More »

Trump’s imaginary ‘voter fraud’ claims will make it harder for minorities to vote

President Trump has claimed repeatedly and falsely that voter fraud, rather than voter preference, robbed him of the popular vote last fall. And even though experts have debunked his claims, he’s now calling for a major investigation of November’s elections. The kind of investigation Trump is calling for already happened: In 2002, George W. Bush’s… Read More »

The most racially diverse Oscars field in recent history is a rebuke to Donald Trump’s America

The 2017 Oscar nominations are in, and the contrast to years past is striking. After decades of criticism for the ceremony’s often staggering whiteness and maleness, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences responded Tuesday with one of the most racially diverse lineups in Oscar history. For the first time ever, three black actors… Read More »