Effective Black Leadership More Important Than Ever

By | August 31, 2017

It is hard to imagine a more dangerously narcissistic President than Donald Trump. His decisions erode civil rights gains and further embolden racism and white privilege; his foreign policy is just as scary. Keep in mind, however, Trump represents the feelings of those who voted for him, which is even scarier.

Slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow and Civil rights- each period- as does this one reflects the nation’s racist political and economic priorities. (Un- fortunately, Black leader- ship too reinforces racial injustice, chiefly by failing to vigorously challenge systemic barriers confronting African Americans.)

Black leadership impacts every aspect of our lives and these days, self- serving Black leaders typically mock accountability. Political and economic progress requires leader- ship based on moral and ethical values as opposed to the current pervasive individualism and materialism that reinforces conditions inimical to Blacks’ own best interests. Therefore, It is more important than ever that the Black community hold its leaders accountable.

How long will Blacks tolerate ineffective non- committed leadership? The short answer: As long as they fail to hold their leaders accountable. The comprehensive answer includes other complex variables such as psychological conditioning (Willie Lynch) and Blacks having internalized America’s val- ues without full access to its benefits. The crippling fallout is that both Black identity and unity remain a tangled mirage that serves to perpetuate a status quo that is not in our own best interests. During post-Re- construction, Black leadership defined the interests of the Black community, named themselves leaders and was assumed to be so by whites. Since the sixties, material benefits accrue more to the middle class who have largely absented themselves from the struggle for civil rights and like their white counterparts, tend to consider themselves superior to poorer Blacks. (Los Angeless Sentinel)

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