Stop saying the NFL can’t be racist because “70 percent of the players are black”

By | August 30, 2017

Recently I watched a painful exchange on Fox News between anchor Tucker Carlson and NAACP Atlanta Chapter Vice President Gerald Griggs about Colin Kaepernick’s future in the NFL. In this conversation, Carlson represented everything that is wrong with cable news. Don’t get me wrong, being condescending and snarky can be acceptable when your guest is a jerk, but not when he’s a really nice guy like Griggs. And to make matters worse, Carlson tried to speak intelligently about the NFL, African Americans and diversity — all topics that he clearly doesn’t understand.

“So you have a league that is 70 percent African-American. 70 percent of the players are black, as compared to about 13 percent of the population. So clearly, there is no racism in hiring,” said Carlson. “Here you have a guy who signed a contract in 2014 for like $126 million. Collected $39 million of that. Just on the basis of those facts alone, it’s hard to see how Colin Kaepernick, at 29, is a victim of racism. Tell me how he is.”

According to Tucker Logic, a team paying a very talented quarterback the rate that very talented quarterbacks warrant, along with many other black players, exempts them from being racist.

I guess Donald Sterling, the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, which was a predominately black team, wasn’t racist either, even though he was caught on tape making racist remarks about black people and why his girlfriend shouldn’t take pictures with them? When he said, “Yeah, it bothers me a lot you want to . . . broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” that was racist, no matter how many black players Sterling employed and paid handsomely. (Salon Magazine)

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