Way Back Pre-Trump, Republicans Actually Wanted To Do Better With Minorities

By | August 29, 2017

Once upon a time, Republicans decided they needed to attract Latinos and Asians and blacks. They created a special committee to figure out why it wasn’t happening and to find ways to fix it. The very future of the party was at stake.

All of that, of course, took place circa 3 BT ? Before Trump.

Now the party’s leader uses the White House bully pulpit to equate neo-Nazis and defenders of Confederate monuments with those who protest them. He has promised to end his predecessor’s policy not to deport people brought into this country unlawfully as children. He has even pardoned a former sheriff convicted of contempt of court for illegally rounding up suspected undocumented immigrants.

“I think it will catch up to them and be disastrous,” said political consultant Stuart Stevens of his fellow Republicans who continue to support Donald Trump. “I don’t think the 2016 election repealed demographics…. It’s like someone who goes to a party and has a few too many drinks and makes it home all right and decides that alcohol makes you drive better. I’m not sure that’s the right conclusion.”

Stevens in 2012 was a top aide to Mitt Romney, whose loss to Democratic President Barack Obama was caused in part by winning only 27 percent of the Latino vote sparked the Republican National Committee’s “Growth and Opportunity Project” report the following spring. (Huffington Post)

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