Former Republican insider Sophia Nelson is looking for a place for people of color in the GOP

By | August 29, 2017

Sophia Nelson became aware very early in life that race could impact how others treated her.

As a young, African-American girl growing up outside Philadelphia, Nelson recalled accompanying her white grandmother to a department store.

“People would look at us strange, like, ‘why is that white lady holding that little black girl’s hand?” said Nelson. “Somebody said something smart – I don’t know – racial. And my grandmother went ballistic. I don’t remember the conversation, but I remember that.”

Nelson is quick to point out that this happened in the 1970s — “a different world,” as she calls it. But during the course of our conversation, she shared her concerns about the many ways in which our country — specifically the GOP — has not changed.

“Look at the numbers in the Republican Party,” Nelson lamented. “They’re terrible for people of color and African-Americans in particular. It’s abysmal. It’s horrible. It’s embarrassing.” (ABC News)

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