Racial gap narrows in heart attack deaths: Huge improvements in black care mean all races have near-equal chances of surviving a cardiac arrest in hospital, study claims

By | August 10, 2017

The racial disparity between black and white heart attack patients has narrowed more than ever thanks to vast improvements in care for African Americans, a new report reveals.

Experts warn much more work is needed since large racial differences exist in all sectors of healthcare.

However, new data collected by the University of Iowa reveal there has been a huge push in the last decade to improve survival of black patients who suffer a cardiac arrest in hospitals.

The latest figures from 2014 show black patients now have a 21.4 percent chance of surviving, compared to a white patient’s 23.2 percent chance.

In 2000, black patients had an 11 percent chance of survival, white patients had a 16 percent chance. (The Daily Mail)

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