NFL’s racism goes beyond Kaepernick

By | August 4, 2017

While NFL owners have made Colin Kaepernick sweat it out, there still exists a decent possibility that the quarterback, believed by many to be blackballed by the league for his refusal last year to stand for the playing of the national anthem and for speaking out about the shooting of unarmed African Americans by police, will eventually wind up on an NFL roster in 2017.

The African-American quarterback who four short years ago was good enough to lead San Francisco to a Super Bowl appearance has been dangling in the wind since opting out of his 49ers contract.

While Kaepernick has conceded that he will honor the anthem in the future, he has neither compromised nor backed down from his position. This was evident earlier this month when he traveled to Ghana for July 4 and questioned, legitimately so, how African Americans could celebrate independence when Blacks in 1776 clearly had none. (Pittsburgh Courier)

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