Black Minister Leaves Southern Baptist Convention Over Its Support of Trump, Alt-Right

By | July 20, 2017

In a scathing open letter published in The New York Times this week, an African-American minister announced his departure from the Southern Baptist Convention over the church’s reluctance to denounce white supremacy and its outward support of President Donald Trump.

Lawrence Ware, who serves as co-director of the Center for Africana Studies at Oklahoma State University and has been an ordained minister at the convention for nearly a decade, renounced his denomination Tuesday, July 17, noting that while it wasn’t an easy decision, it was a necessary one.

“As a Black scholar of race and a minister who’s committed to social justice, I can no longer be a part of an organization that is complicit in the disturbing rise of the so-called alt-right, whose members support the abhorrent policies of Donald Trump and whose troubling racial history and current actions reveal a deep commitment to white supremacy,” Ware wrote. (Atlanta Black Star)

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