In the Face of Racism and Poverty Black Parents Struggle To Support Their Children in Achieving Academic Success

By | July 10, 2017

Those who argue the practice of racism is weakening, cite the reign of Barack Obama or the increased prominence of Black entertainers and African-Americans who’ve accumulated financial success and career accolades. It’s substantially more challenging to find optimism in the academic achievements of Black boys and girls.

A 2015 study found that racial disparities in school readiness, “in terms of math, reading, and behavior,” are improving for all groups of children, “except for Black kids.” A year later, USA Today reported that Black children “are nearly four times as likely as their white classmates to be suspended from school.” An investigation from the same year, titled “Given Half The Chance,” announced grimly that, “The 47 percent national graduation rate for Black males is nearly 28 percentage points lower than that for white males. In 10 states, the report said the graduation rate gap exceeds 30 percentage points.”

To be “young, gifted, and Black” remains a dire proposition for Black children. (Atlanta Black Star)

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