How This Predominantly Black New Jersey School Is Empowering Its Students Through Chess

By | July 5, 2017

Movies such as Disney’s Queen of Katwe and stories like Baltimore chess phenom Cahree Myrick are dope images for young black kids who yearn for something constructive and enriching to do.

However, if we can take one lesson from these stories, it is that unless children are actively exposed to the game of chess, it will remain something quite intimidating.

According to, Whitney M. Young Jr. School is looking to give that exposure to its predominately African American student body.

Through its after-school program, the school has taught a group 30 of its students (between grades 1-4) the ins and outs of the game.

Part of what motivated school officials to start the program is the growing incarceration rate within minority communities; the Jersey City school is making a concerted effort to make sure their students don’t follow that path. (Blavity)

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