Despite Gains In Education, Black Women Still Earn Less Than Peers

By | June 29, 2017

African-American women are more likely to participate in the workforce than any other group of women. They’re making gains in education levels and political activism.

But despite this, they continue to earn less than most of their peers, according to new research.

“White women would earn 77 percent of what white men earn. Black women would earn just 65 percent of white men’s earnings — and that’s nationally,” said Chandra Childers, who co-authored the 2017 report, “The Status of Black Women in the United States” for the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

The differences become more severe state-by-state. In Louisiana, for example, black women earn less than half of what men earn, Childers said.

“You wind up with much lower levels of income despite greater increases in education, despite high labor force participation rates, and you also wind up with almost a quarter of black women falling below the poverty line,” Childers said. (Wisconsin Public Radio)

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