Race is at the Heart of The New Faith-Driven Environmental Justice

By | June 5, 2017

A quiet but powerful march took place in Philadelphia last week, indicating a new direction in the faith-driven environmental justice movement in America.

A coalition of climate activists and poverty activists walked through five counties and ended in Philadelphia to demand increases in solar power and the jobs it provides. The event, called Power Local Green Jobs, was the brainchild of Earth Quaker Action Team (EQUAT ) and Philadelphians Organized to Witness Empower and Rebuild (POWER), a group consisting of more than 40 congregations around the city and led by Reverend Greg Holston, an African American pastor who is intent on making the connection between economic and environmental justice.

“Every single day, folks tell me about struggling to support their families. They need jobs, not programs. It’s time to build a green city that works for all,” — Rev. Greg Holston

Rev. Holston was joined in the march by Bishop Dwayne Royster of Living Water United Church of Christ, another Black faith leader from Philadelphia whose congregation is deeply rooted within the traditions of the African-American Church.

Pastors like Holston and Royster view environmental justice as a spiritual and justice issue, and are among a growing number of faith leaders of color who are taking leadership roles within the environmental movement. (Huffpost)

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