Journal apologizes for Black Lives Matter issue with no black writers

By | May 28, 2017

Talk about missing the point.

An international journal devoted to politics and philosophy is apologizing for publishing an issue on the Black Lives Matter movement without a black author’s perspective, calling the glaring omission a “grave” oversight.

Robert Goodin, editor of the Journal of Political Philosophy, posted an open letter to apologize on a philosophy blog on Thursday after a professor of African-American studies and philosophy at Yale and others criticized the absence of black voices in its June issue.

“We accept the point eloquently and forcefully made by our colleagues that this is an especially grave oversight in light of the specific focus of Black Lives Matter on the extent to which African-Americans have been erased and marginalized from public life,” the apology reads. “Part of the mission of the JPP is to raise awareness of ongoing injustices in our societies. We appreciate and encourage having an engaged and politically active scholarly community willing to hold everyone working in the profession to account.” (New York Post)

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