Fear of African-Americans in Mississippi in 2017

By | May 19, 2017

Imagine sitting in your home with your spouse and children. The police knock at the door. When you answer, they demand that you let them in so that they can search your home for drugs. Knowing that you are not guilty of a crime, you refuse, but the police officers force their way inside anyway—without a warrant. They then subject you to physical brutality while your family watches.

This scenario is what real life looks like in Madison County, Miss., if you’re African-American.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Department is under fire for its discriminatory policing practices toward Black residents. The lawsuit filed against the MCSD by the ACLU alleges that the sheriff’s department routinely targets African-American residents through unconstitutional stops, searches and even arrests without probable cause.

Madison County’s African-American residents tell of being stopped on sidewalks and at police checkpoints set up at the entrances and exits of housing complexes, and of being imprisoned without due process. (New York Amsterdam News)

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