DOJ reversal on drug prosecutions will fuel mass incarceration and undermine public safety

By | May 19, 2017

The NAACP released the following statement regarding the DOJ’s decision to promote the use of mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes.

The decision by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions requiring federal prosecutors to pursue the most severe charges possible, regardless of whether they would expose low-level offenders to mandatory minimums, represents not only a threat to public safety, but exacerbates mass incarceration.

This decision by DOJ to overturn previous Justice Department guidance will lead to thousands of people spending unnecessary years of imprisonment while doing nothing to advance public safety.

“The Attorney General’s directive suggests that this long ugly era of mass incarceration now has eternal life. Contradicting commonsense, conscience, and experience of red and blue state governors, this new policy takes us quickly backward,” said NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks. (Westside Gazette)

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