Blacks and poor people have little chance

By | May 19, 2017

White nationalists (so-called “racists”) believe that democracy and a class society are complementary not contradictory because they see themselves as those for whom democracy was created. If you are not white then you are not to receive the same opportunities and protections. Furthermore, only by professing the Christian religion will you be accepted in any of the other (lower) classes if you are non-white.

For them the brutal beating of Rodney King by a gang of uniformed white cops was justified because he was an “intruder” of the democratic white culture, a sub-cultural nuisance (three fifths human according to the U. S. Constitution) for whom society no longer had any use. Various modes of avoidance, discrimination and extermination of blacks and poor people have always been an American social norm.

Wherever Western Civilization prospers, people of color – especially black people — regardless of income, education and profession, and poor people in general, are downtrodden and powerless. (Unfortunately, this seems to be a trait among most modern day cultures.) However, it is the American duality called democracy exported around the world through hegemony whose cracks and strains forewarn fascism that frightens populations everywhere. (South Florida Times)

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