Black students at Massachusetts charter school served detention, suspended from sports teams for wearing hair in braids

By | May 15, 2017

African-American teenage twins attending a Massachusetts charter school are being punished for wearing their hair in braids.

Their parents say the school’s policy around how students are permitted to wear their hair is discriminatory, and unfairly targets black students.

Maya and Deanna Cook, sophomores at the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School outside of Boston, were issued detention and told they couldn’t participate on their school’s sports teams after they returned from spring break with professionally braided hair, their father, Aaron Cook, told the Daily News.

The charter school’s strict hair policy is detailed in its parent/student handbook.

“Students may not wear drastic or unnatural hair colors or styles such as shaved lines or shaved sides or have a hairstyle that could be distracting to other students (extra-long hair or hair more than 2 inch in thickness or height is not allowed.) This means no coloring, dying, lightening (sun-in) or streaking of any sort.” (New York Daily News)

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