How to close the tech-job gap for minorities and low-income earners

By | April 20, 2017

Last year, White House economists predicted that low-income workers — those who make less than $20 an hour — face the highest probability of losing their jobs to robots. But people of color are especially at risk: an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a report last year finding that just about 8 percent of tech-sector jobs are held by Hispanics and 7.4 percent by African-Americans.

But there are some organizations out there trying to close the gap and make sure low-income workers and people of color aren’t displaced by robots and automation.

In St. Louis, about 30 people are sitting in a coding training class run by the nonprofit LaunchCode. It operates in six locations nationwide helping people find careers in technology through education and matching them with companies that need tech talent.

“Digital literacy is becoming more of an imperative in today’s society,” said Haley Shoaf, education director for operations at LaunchCode. She said certain people aren’t getting access to the training to get tech jobs. (Marketplace)

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